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  1. I've always liked Imps, not always an active user but still come here for information if nothing else. I think forums are better for that personally and coming back to the game it feels like there is a general lack of English guides to things. Sometimes I come back here just to make sure it's still here. Thank you admins!
  2. Sharing in case someone would like something simple to switch between multiple character windows. Just install Auto Hotkey, change the names to your characters, change the hotkeys to your liking, save to an .ahk file and double click it. I don't think this could be anywhere close to ban-able since it's just switching your active window. In the example below, the hotkeys are F1, F2, F3, F4, all the options are in this page if you want something custom: https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/Hotkeys.htm SetTitleMatchMode, 2 F1:: if WinExist("Character 1") WinActivate if WinEx
  3. just started playing again and thinking about switching out my cra what I have cha/agi masq 200 int eni 199 cha/agi cra 199 str iop 197 what I want to do high end pvm. I feel like I'd rather have more map manipulation so thinking of switching the cra for a xelor or sac. eventually I'd probably want that character to be int based, since the eni is doing healing a lot. str/int or str/agi decent for xel or sacs these days, maybe rogue?
  4. Is there a link to the AHK script for Dofus 2?
  5. For 4 man I would pick Sac Eni Enu Iop/Sram if solo, good survivability. I'm trying to decide on an 8 man retro team, right now I have sac eni enu iop cra xel feca panda I really want a sram or eca on the team though, so thinking of swapping out the panda. I know they're really useful for Kralove and spammig vulns and whatnot, but I just feel like an sram or Eca would be more fun. or swap my feca, but I feel like if I make it to 70 I'll be fine with him. all my guys are still under 60, and both the feca and panda are the lowest levels, 30 something.
  6. Didn't expect to get into professions again so soon. Long way to go but it seems a bit faster than back in the day
  7. I used this a long time ago to create an AHK script for 2.0: It wouldn't take much to adjust it for 1.29, there's built in ways to get the needed process id or title using AHK. In linux, you can set up virtual desktops easy and just have one client per desktop and switch between them, I usually did F1-F4, makes multiclient pretty easy without AHK. i'm just single clienting now so i haven't bothered with AHK
  8. in incarnum last night i couldn't find any mobs to kill after running around for 10 minutes or so, it's pretty busy atm
  9. only on crit if I remember correctly! i made Enzyte on Algathe, but it'll be a few days til I'm on much
  10. All of the servers said full last night, probably because I'm not subbed. I might give it a go on one of the new servers, had a few chars on Henual at some point
  11. Really sad to hear the game is in decline. I haven't played in a long time but I like to check in occasionally. I see they are doing overhauls again of Osas and Sacs, but I wasn't even familiar with the changes before those, way too hard to keep up. I enjoyed a few different eras of the game, first played around 2006, 2007. I really preferred the old art style, but in many ways they improved the game since then. I was expecting them to ditch Adobe air and go with something with a future, but it looks like that's reserved for their next game. For good or bad, mult
  12. Meh, looks like I picked Eratz at some point ha, but I'm only level 6 so I'll be switching over to Henual!
  13. thanks guys! i actually ended up having to reinstall because i screwed something up, I won't bore you with details. I have Manjaro installed now and the game runs in the standalone player and in a browser! The uplauncher still doesn't work, but don't really care about that part. Is there a way to tell which server I'm on?! The server names don't seem to display properly. I'm Enzyte on whichever though!
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