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Chris Eggroll

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  1. Chris Eggroll

    linux dofus 1.29

    Meh, looks like I picked Eratz at some point ha, but I'm only level 6 so I'll be switching over to Henual!
  2. Chris Eggroll

    linux dofus 1.29

    thanks guys! i actually ended up having to reinstall because i screwed something up, I won't bore you with details. I have Manjaro installed now and the game runs in the standalone player and in a browser! The uplauncher still doesn't work, but don't really care about that part. Is there a way to tell which server I'm on?! The server names don't seem to display properly. I'm Enzyte on whichever though!
  3. Chris Eggroll

    linux dofus 1.29

    I got the game working in the standalone flash player for linux, projector! Servers are full though, looks like I have to sub to even sign in :/ I'll contemplate that lol. Don't mind the money, but it triggers my bank to call me every time
  4. Chris Eggroll

    linux dofus 1.29

    it does use an UpLauncher now, just download the linux 1.29 archive from www.dofus.com. it's in. tar.gz format so I know it's the right one. I'll try some more tonight and see what happens. I think I need to use a non 64 bit browser or standalone player, didn't think about that last night. the UpLauncher logs are in French lol, I'll see if translation helps
  5. Chris Eggroll

    linux dofus 1.29

    thought I'd mess around with Dofus old school but have ran into a few problems. I've gotten the UpLauncher running but keep getting core dump errors, anyone else run into this? the dofus.html loads in chromium but never seems to get to the sign in page. I'm thinking it might be a 64 bit issue now that I think about it. now I'm talking to myself durr
  6. Chris Eggroll

    Breeding Revamp

    It didn't take as long before they started adding extra classes. I liked doing them sometimes but it definitely felt like a chore doing them every single day. It mostly takes a long time though from having to run to all the different temples. Sure they have the potions but it's not really affordable or easy to juggle so many items. Why not just connect the temples with some sort of portal? Bounties are way more annoying than Dopples, so it seems dumb to replace rewards for something annoying with something more annoying.
  7. Chris Eggroll

    Breeding Revamp

    I agree with youbutsu. i haven't played in a while but saw this and was like wtf. I'm hoping the French breeders are losing their shit over these proposed changes.
  8. Chris Eggroll

    Spell Variants

    I found the devblog on it and gave it a try, pretty cool. my sac is ungeared and I'm unsubbed so I couldn't test much but way better than last revamp.
  9. Chris Eggroll

    Spell Variants

    How do people feel about the Sacrier changes? I logged in just to look but it seems like more than just variants were added...
  10. Chris Eggroll


    :o have they said anything about the ivory dofus?
  11. Chris Eggroll

    Can we name change Echo to Rushu?

    Ya'lls ain't that special. Rosal 4 lyfe
  12. Chris Eggroll

    Server Fusion

    Wow, there's stuff in the sellrooms that's newer than Frig 3
  13. Chris Eggroll

    Server Fusion

    Aww damn, oh well, I'm still playing Andromeda right now anyway. I wonder how they decided on Echo, since the survey was to pick your top 15? I guess I'd assumed there would be another poll after they narrowed it down.
  14. Chris Eggroll

    Vote for the names of Your Servers!

    We deserve a Dofus God name!