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  1. So that's +90 pp before the pet has been improved?
  2. My first 1st-try exo. I cri Edit: With my own AP rune too ;-; Prime artifact trill
  3. Yes, the production of an exo is reliant on the amount of posts this specific thread receives and not on sheer determination and favor of probability :rolleyes: Edit: Wise, I sell you a pods amulet?
  4. At least on Solar, these items have already been crushed ;) Premature in my opinion, but the goal for those waiting to crush these items should be in months and not weeks to combat those already in preparation to crush dimension items Edit: When taking into account not just the amount of runes, but their values, I do not think it wise to crush these items on Solar for the near future :)
  5. Masquerade: 25% remaining HP Plastron: 20% total HP, 24% on crit
  6. Hi Weather-man (I know that's you), maybe you've just always sucked at the game :D You never reached epic-level status "back in the day" so I'm not sure as to what you mean by "new gear." When the first kralomansions and head bands were being fished, you were working on <18x gear for your lone int feca. I'm no stranger to diamond farming, but there have always been better sources of kamas... it's actually a lot easier now than it was "back in the day" to amass enormous amounts. Since kamas are less-valuable now while bank fees have remained unchanged, you're actually paying less to use the bank... which would matter if bank fees weren't insignificant and easily worked around. (In your sig, you spell your own server as "Zatowaishen," pls fix)
  7. Congrats, I can't wait until your "arab's luck" turns into "1% on a long-enough time-line"
  8. Fortunately for you, Kwismas was officially extended for a few weeks longer this year :D
  9. Yeah, the only reason people cause problems is because they don't know how to put their resources to community benefit ... You contradict yourself at least once and even when taking those contradictions out, you're simply misinformed
  10. In my opinion, the amount of time required to succeed and the necessity to "being smart about somethings" have both increased... nothing in this game required much thinking in the "golden days." As someone who had finished all of the game's content back in those days (and often with my own team), I think I have at least some credibility.
  11. (This isn't only directed towards you, Chank) What is the goal of a casual player? Outdated players of the past and new players will often complain about Ankama not catering to the more-casual player, but I don't understand the basis for these complaints. What is there to cater to? Would you like the strongest equipment? Why do you need it? You're not doing any dungeon where that equipment would make a difference. Would you like to be as strong in pvp as players who have placed so much more effort into their characters than you have? Are the strongest items too expensive for you? If you don't want to work towards what you want in this game, then why bother playing? You can say that epic teams don't bother running dimension dungeons because they're "too hard" but I see no problems with that; a team whose controller doesn't have the brainpower nor willingness to beat the hardest dungeons can still obtain end-game gear, otherwise you would not use the phrase "epic team." That's just capitalism at work. Everything can be obtained in this game by anyone with enough effort; in my opinion, the "casual player" just wants this effort to be minimized in order to artificially place himself/herself next to those who have traveled the extra mile
  12. This seems like a cool promotion, but I don't see how ankama benefits by taking players from dofus and placing them into wakfu, unless the goal is to have one player population pay subscriptions for both games (which I'm not against)
  13. Not everyone deserves to win, if you lose in rock paper scissors with rock, do you demand that paper be nerfed?
  14. Not that I agree with your precedent, but Solar is probably not a great server to use as a measuring stick :rolleyes:
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