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  1. Decided to do it a second time, Jelly set helped save a lot of time
  2. Decided to try Minotot again after failing last time. This time I did it still the same gob nubs (No char died) Recorded it, gonna post it on yt soonish
  3. Actually I could try to sac whole team and then put a spell rebound on the sac and see if SO is stupid enough to attack me, my spell rebound is only lv 5 though, wondering what level SO's spells are
  4. SO probably not with that HP as it can gain 63 range and insta kill basically any of my chars lol but I almost beat tot today, will retry next week when bunch of keys if refreshed
  5. All done in mediocre gob sets, enu in moskito set with chars at 300-400hp^^ what next?
  6. *tips with the force of a thousand fedoras*
  7. Rosal people where you at, HK people where you at! I'm on Algathe
  8. yea that's about right ^^ only 600-700 dp fights if i remember right (always with 8 chars though...)
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