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  1. Decided to try Minotot again after failing last time. This time I did it still the same gob nubs (No char died) Recorded it, gonna post it on yt soonish
  2. Actually I could try to sac whole team and then put a spell rebound on the sac and see if SO is stupid enough to attack me, my spell rebound is only lv 5 though, wondering what level SO's spells are
  3. SO probably not with that HP as it can gain 63 range and insta kill basically any of my chars lol but I almost beat tot today, will retry next week when bunch of keys if refreshed
  4. All done in mediocre gob sets, enu in moskito set with chars at 300-400hp^^ what next?
  5. *tips with the force of a thousand fedoras*
  6. Rosal people where you at, HK people where you at! I'm on Algathe
  7. yea that's about right ^^ only 600-700 dp fights if i remember right (always with 8 chars though...)
  9. Let's make an 'Official "I Dropped NOT a Dofus" Thread' tegoluck.jpg i seriously start to believe ankama jinxed or messed up my char :wacko: this must be my 700th-800th dragon pig, if not more. 700+% bonus this time, still nothing. fml.
  10. always did that, i put my xel and panda on the right side with panda starting first. summoned a barrel that attracted whupper, took xel and threw him to the rest, sac then attracted panda and all were on the left side of the map and whupper on the right. difficulty was with his summons (mainly dragon pig with its lethal blunder or moowolf giving 4mp to whupper) or me not realizing that kitsou gave an ap to his poutch which ended in a big mess ^^
  11. hmm i dont have a sram but sounds like a plan with the corner. thx
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