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  1. Hay, I used to play ages ago and have many 200 level characters on Echo. Recently, I've returned back and starting over on the most populous mono account server. If anyone wants to do noob stuff pm me. I'll usually be playing with one other person that is also starting from level 0. We play as eliotroll and feca. Although pandacob and bomber were close seconds. Character: aeio bye
  2. na thas for people with friends.
  3. Hi, I'm not particularly doing anything (yet). Add me to friends though, you can find me on Ayy (my only subbed account).
  4. Shalom, I've done this so many times I know it's just the yearly longing for dofus. Going to play for a week or two until I re-gear and quit again. If I know you hi, if I didn't know you, hello.
  5. heyo 10m each /w Aye or Ayy many thank edit: bought hairish still looking for nomarow.
  6. Hey this is an interesting tool. I think if you solve the problem of the tedious nature of data entry you would have a very useful app. An ideal way (apart from an overlay or api from ankama) would be if you could copy and paste the text from the maging window into a box on the website and click a button. Onclick() it can ignore all the useless data and pass the important info on to whatever function is already calculating the sink. Extra points if copy pasting auto reloads the page with sink and also keeps previous attempts in history until session ends or user clears
  7. It's on sale for $10 if anyone is interested
  8. I'm playing on Sanctum of Rall but they have updated the game a bunch, PVE isn't server specific anymore; they call it megaserver. So when you're walking about you see people from many servers; it's pretty awesome. It matters for word vs word vs word though if you're into pvp.
  9. Does anyone play? I have a guardian there named Dqq please come.
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