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  1. Runs much smoother than the original client. I have one question for you. Glyphs seem to all be the same black color instead of the colors. Is there any way to get those back to the color versions? Thanks for the work you've put into this.
  2. I think there's some decent top laners in NA, the problem lies int he fact that most of them aren't very versatile. A lot of the high D1/challenger top lane mains currently only play a select few champion.. Not to mention lack of pro play experience, which with how long the game has been out is hard to break into now.
  3. huh?.. Udyr is pretty strong with the new Feral Flare right now. He pulls some crazy damage. He doesn't fit in every comp but paired with something like a Sivir Karma bot lane he's really strong.
  4. Feeding until your account is banned always sounds like a plausible idea.
  5. I'm going to have to disagree. Talon is better used as a roamer unless you get lucky enough to snowball your lane. Push up with W then roam.
  6. I've started leveling a Rogue and while some of the spells are obvious to max, I'm not sure what to do with the rest of my points. I'm an agility based rogue, prob going agi/cha later but just agi for now. So far I have leveled: Detonator (5) Kickback (5) Roguery (6) Grenado (6) Magnet (5) Boomerang Daggers (5) Dirty Trick (5) Carbine (5) I'm just level 111 atm so that explains why some are 5, but the lower level ones I'm not too sure if I should bother with level 6 yet as the benefits seem minimal for 5 points (Detonator, Kickback, and Magnet). Considering I don't really have the funds to spell scroll for spells, I'm curious what I should do with my extra points. There's quite a few options I'm not sure about: - Powder. This one seems the most obvious to max, but I'm not positive about it. Just tell me I'm dumb for not leveling it. - Overload. Seems like it could be useful utility. I'm not really too sure what it does specifically based off of the description though. - Kaboom. Invuln to bombs sounds nice, but I don't know if I want to max it just for that. It says it gives a bonus, but doesn't say what it is. Me maxing it is dependent on that I guess. - Remission. Seems useful to me and probably is a must level. Unsure of what the suppression does. The description is a bit confusing. - Last Breath. I'm mostly a solo accounter and don't do group fighting *too* much. Possibility but there's probably better options. - Release. Useful for any class really. More control is always nice. - Weapon Skill. On the fence on this one. Seems to only be useful late game once weapons are actually useful. After weapon nerfs this seems much less appealing. Any good Rogues out there that can offer some tips on these? Thanks!
  7. I.. Uh.. Didn't want to win anyways
  8. waw so rude Edit: Fuck I'm nervous. Edit 2: ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY?
  9. This LP grind in D1 is nuts; I'm gaining 3 and losing 5 per game. Finally broke 40 LP though. I'm shooting for 80+
  10. noob pls I've moved on to bigger and better things It's Morgana and Lissandra spam now. Edit: but mostly Morg. That champ is so underused.
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