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  1. We just updated the Sadida spells and caps. Sorry about the delay, translation was taking most of our time, which was itself limited (traveling on vacation, then on work for the last 45 days). Other spell updates should come soon. Kuy tried to reproduce Swiitsy's bug, but with no success. If you can send us your project number, we will take a look. Talking about translation, we just launched Portuguese (which is our native language, so we didn't need help from anyone else), but need help with French and Spanish, which are by far the largest communities that access DF. It's basically filling the French/Spanish column in a Google Docs spreadsheet. Of course, you do as much as you feel like, every bit helps =) French is like 70% complete, Spanish at 0%.
  2. There are three categories of class/builds for range: no importance, little importance, significant importance, with multipliers of 0.0, 0.5 and 1.0 respectively for Range weight. Also, they affect the default minimum Range, respectively None, 2 and 4. All Rogues are considered to have significant importance for range, because of Detonator, Kickback, Magnet, Dirty Trick, Powder, Remission, Countdown, Overload and Kaboom. The minimum AP/MP/Range set in the Wizard page are just the cutoff point as you found out and don't affect the weights, but AP/MP/Range do have a weight that's not adjustable through sliders, but it is through the Stats Weights page. Adjusting these weights is really difficult to do manually, so Fashionista uses some numbers that low enough to not matter most of the time, but high enough that, if presented with an obvious choice like 20 vit vs 1 MP, it will choose the MP, even if the minimum MP is already met.
  3. First, the numbers: Plum/Orchid vs Brulay: +80 int - 300 vit -1 range Typical glass cannon weights (for a class that cares about range): int = 98 vit = 20 range = 1920 weight difference = 80 * 98 - 300 * 20 - 1 * 1920 = -80 Typical balanced weights (for a class that cares about range): int = 80 vit = 20 [*] range = 1920 weight difference = 80 * 80 - 300 * 20 - 1 * 1920 = -1520 On a non glass-cannon build, the weight for Plum/Orchid is much higher than Brulay (a difference of 1520), but they are very close for glass-cannon characters, a difference of only 80, so I'll spend the rest of the post rationalizing what was accidental. If the sliders are tweaked a little bit (say, vit down to 19 or int up to 100), Brulay will be used. If we are talking about a class that has no or little use for range [**], the weight of range will be lowered and it'll be Brulay by 880 (little use) or 1840 (no use). I tried to make the glass-cannons viable characters rather than "what if we tried more power" style [***]. 1 range will actually help you hit things more often and more efficiently (I even played with higher weights for range in glass-cannons), and 300 vit is a significant difference for all but the easiest fights. I don't think most glass-cannons would want this tradeoff, but even my default weights agree that's a very valid discussion (80 is close to nothing). Thanks for bringing it up, and let me know if I'm missing something or if you disagree with these points. [*] The weight of vit is not changed for glass-cannon builds. I did a lot of testing and it just wasn't working well - for example, vit became so unimportant that a cap of 5:1 was always used and the vit ended up in the low 3000s. Of course, you can adjust this, this is just the preset. [**] An example of "little use" is an Int Iop, which has Cut but nothing else range modifiable. An example of "no use" is a Str iop. [***] To get the truly largest numbers possible, use the Stats Weights page and remove the weights from everything else but your damage stats =)
  4. Not sure what parameters you used (probably PvP vit and res?), but I tested an Agi/Crit Masq 200 Balanced at 12/6 and got this: http://dofusfashionista.com/s/AgiMasq/NjYxOThjnbeU/ The thing is, 12/6 requires sacrifices, and combining XLII with Lwo is pretty much the only way to get 12/6 1/2 crit and reasonable resists for an agi char. Other options use Lethaline, Kwyness, etc.
  5. It's great to get feedback about the quality of suggested sets, this one is very interesting to study. I did some testing about Tengu set today, 5 classes, all with the same parameters: - Level 178 - Int/Agi - Non-crit - 10/5 (range depends on class, but I didn't touch it) - No AP exo, only Gelano MP exo - Cawwot, Crimson and Emerald Dofus allowed - Scrolled to 101... errr... 100 - Forbid Ellie's Deluxe Mental Amulet (I should leave that forbidden by default, coming soon) The result: http://dofusfashionista.com/s/TenguCra/NTMyODDUJeD6/ http://dofusfashionista.com/s/TenguEni/NTMyODH.BPeD/ http://dofusfashionista.com/s/TenguSac/NTMyODQXtMk8/ http://dofusfashionista.com/s/TenguRogue/NTM0OTSfmAb0/ http://dofusfashionista.com/s/TenguIop/NTMyODhDDnf3/ So all classes got Tengu set, except for Sac. At 178 there aren't many good ways to get AP, so in all Tengu sets, Jackanapes was used to convert the extra MP into the 10th AP. The reasons the Sacrier doesn't get Tengu are Vitality, Lock and Dodge. Tengu has low Vitality, high Dodge and no Lock. DF assigns Vitality a default weight of 24 for Sacriers, while it ranges 16 (Cra) to 22 (Rogue) for those other classes. Lock/Dodge have weight 160/80 for Sacriers. Rogue has 80/80, Iop has 120/100, Eni has 40/80, Cra has 20/140. Therefore, Sacriers benefit more from the XLII's Lock than Tengu's Dodge, and the lack of int is compensated by the superior resists (which are the actual weakness of Tengu, but since all classes have the same weight on resists, it doesn't matter for DF). The other classes don't have the same preference of Lock over Dodge, so they keep Tengu. For reference, compare the Sacrier with Tengu locked in to the one without anything locked: http://dofusfashionista.com/s/TenguSacLocked/NTM1MjBZxsAl/ http://dofusfashionista.com/s/TenguSac/NTMyODQXtMk8/ Less lock, less vit, much lower resists. On the other hand, more int, dodge and damages, plus a 3rd range. Note that if a project is created with the Vitality or Resists aspects, it's unlikely Tengu will be chosen regardless of class: http://dofusfashionista.com/s/TenguCraVitRes/NTM1MzmUDySJ/
  6. Should be much better now. Beat 8 Xeon cores, France.
  7. No, we didn't include those sets =/ The solver will never pick them up because they have no stats, unless you lock them in, but we should definitely add that. Working on other things before :mellow:
  8. I can imagine some ways I haven't tested. Put the AP/MP/Ap Res/Mp Res/Lock/Dodge/Resists you see as minimum, then go to the stat weights page and set those all to -10. This will make the solver try to get at least that much, but not much above it. Also, lock in the equips you know the person is wearing. The site usage just spiked because of that video o.O We had to switch to an even bigger server.
  9. Given I haven't seen the Srambad modifier change out of Stunning Summons in Rushu since they changed the trigger to reroll it, I'd say no one in Rushu.
  10. Nerotic has worse stats and makes half crit harder to get. Though I favor it for hitting too. What do you mean by use mp mount? Eme ginger is an mp mount o.O
  11. Japahn


    I might be mistaken, but Enurado stuff took about 6 months. Srambad reqs should be lifted when the next epic level content comes out, likely the fourth dimension in... February?
  12. I'm very glad you guys like it. This is a tool we've been using for a while, and when decided to turn it into a website so everyone else could use it too. That's a good point. The stats weights are how much value we consider each stat point to be. If vitality has a weight=40 and pshdam a weight of 200, it means 100 vit (100 * 40 = 4000 weight) will be chosen over 19 pshdam (19 * 200 = 3800 weight). However, 21 pshdam (21 * 200 = 4200 weight) would be chosen over 100 vit. Hence why the weaker the stat, even if important (like vit or str, int, etc), the less weight it needs to have.
  13. That's a good idea, it's just hard to keep track of what was unlocked in which update. We might implement that in the future. When you check any of the PvP boxes, you get more init, AP res, MP res, crit resist and linear resists. We thought of showing a slider for each specific resist, but it got too complicated to use. While we don't come up with a better solution, you can do that manually in the Characteristics Weights page (under More).
  14. Wow, we weren't expecting that many requests. The server is down temporarily, we're scaling to a more powerful machine. Will get back to you when it's done. Edit: It's up again.
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