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  1. Thanks a lot guys! This is super helpful! :D I also saw they have some pushback spell(s)? Should I worry about that?
  2. You obtained "Grouillot's Ring". You obtained "Grute's Sword".
  3. When I said as much as, I didn't mean that class needs a lot of that stat. It just needs a certain amount that might be the same as the new class or not. :P If this way is harder, just forget about the other classes. But I really mean the average Huppermage. If you can tell how much of these stats each build might want that would be better, but I thought it would be too much work to ask.
  4. I need to add Huppermages to Dofus Fashionista, but I haven't played with them yet, so I'd like to ask for your help. I basically need to know how much of the following stats a huppermage needs: Vitality, Range, % and linear resists, Lock, Dodge, Initiative, AP/MP reduction, Summons, Pushback Damage, Heals. It might be easier to compare them to other classes. Do they need as much Vitality as an Osa? As much lock as a Sacrier? As much heals as a Fog? Also, what do you think is a reasonable AP/MP/Range setup for them at level 200? I mean, one that works but is not 12/6/6?
  5. The site was actually down for three hours, I only realized because of the message. It is back up. Thanks for pointing it out.
  6. We updated the site yesterday and we did exactly that. Thanks for the input! Thanks! I'll keep that in mind if we need more help! ^_^
  7. We are currently traveling on vacation, so we won't have time to update the site for 2.27 on time. :( Good to know, we will fix that!
  8. I got a buggy hunt haha It won't let me set a marker here because there is one already there. Do you know where I can report this? Edit: I did have the wrong crate, now I don't even know if this was supposed to happen or not lol
  9. The spells are still in French, but they are there ^^'
  10. From the 2.26 changelog: The message displayed for sales offline displays correctly in the chat interface when the "Information" channel is not active. I guess they are refering to your suggestion/bug?
  11. It's because of all the unexpected traffic. :mellow: We just changed to an even larger server. It should be faster again.
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