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Vini last won the day on June 19 2013

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  1. Vini

    1.29 xp places

    Firefoux dungeon was probably my favourite place
  2. Do you still suck at poker?

  3. Vini


    Lenovo has some nice phones. LINK
  4. Vini

    Team Swatch-Guard Calling It Quits...

    Never got to play with you on solar, but you seem like a great guy. Good luck with life. I still remember your videos :lol:
  5. Vini

    I heard you're addicted to path of exile. Necro scion or quit

    1. szi


      RoS all the way, changed the game to something it should have been from the start. Thinking of starting to play Dofus now though...you can never fully stop playing Dofus.

  6. Vini

    Sram duo

    ^this, why not two srams?
  7. Vini

    Hey Imps :)

  8. Vini

    Change Kralove.

    gg imps? What does IV have to do with it?
  9. Vini

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    You would have dropped two if Thug was in the fight. Congrats !
  10. Vini

    Mic of my new headphone not working?

    You need to set it as the default device before you can use it.
  11. Vini

    Dopples Initiative

  12. Vini

    Mic of my new headphone not working?

    Check inside your case to see if the cables are connected.