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  1. Aloha old dofus pals! it's been about 9 years since I've played and I missed everyone so much! I've been busy raising 3 children who are 1, 5, and 8 and have some spare time while they are in school or napping. I have alot of questions for 2.0 if someone could send me links to read up on major updates I would appreciate it. Debating if I want to figure out 2.0 or play retro as I played 2.0 as a healing eni, agi sac, and chance xelor before I left wondering if those are still good builds?
  2. I choose not to have it it would be a waste of money when I can use net at work and no one plays this game nomore
  3. Hey old dofus friends just a quick hello and how are things going with some of my old pals? I've been great raising my 2 boys a 2 year old and almost 5 year old. I think it's been about 2 or more years since i last spoke to anyone on here I don't have internet where I live so I don't play the game no more and not returning ;) hope to hear back from some of you old pals :)
  4. As I stated above they are not in my bank they are not in the sells room they are no where to be found they completely vanished
  5. I logged in just a few mins ago to see I sold my aggravating daggers for 1.5 mill but the money is not in my bank and the daggers are not for sale anymore either nor in my bank. Is this due to the rollback that my daggers vanished?
  6. hey thought i check and see how everyone is doing me myself I've been busy with my 2 little boys they sure do keep momma busy :)
  7. aw yay i got a mention even though i haven't played in forever. Cya dave I enjoyed rise when i played :)
  8. This is a long overdue quit topic I haven't' had internet for months I am very rarely ever to get on due to not being able to afford net :( Thanks to all my friends who kept me playing for so long for 8 years? PS: to Rise you may kick me if you need the space also No no one will be using my accounts or may have them so please don't waste your time asking me that :lol:
  9. hey cornball how you been? long time no seeeeee
  10. this is total bullcrap that the alamax goes by french time. I log on today at 6pm to find out i missed a day of the quest. I work morning shifts and don't get home untl around 6pm gg dofus looks like another dofus i wont b getting
  11. I am wondering a way of doing the ougga boss never really done this dun before. How many chars should i take? and what classes? your advice is greatly appreciated :)
  12. well its about time you come back noobie :P nowlogonploxkthnx
  13. Me and a friend have been trying to log eachother and when we send eachother the security codes to use it just says "service unavailible". anyone got any ideas? :/
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