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  1. Any members I can contact when online? Will need to re roll onto temp 2 Edit : have joined misfits, wonderful
  2. Now the dust has settled on the servers is there any server or alignment that actually has any English participants! Not seeing anybody on any of them
  3. it seems that ankama have gotten their wish, a lot of new players seemingly joining the game today- if the server queues are any indication. just seems that they may have been a bit unprepared on the server side, the whole website has crashed and the game is lagging like i have never seen personally..... but new blood on the game can only be good i suppose
  4. So this is how I'm spending my Saturday evening...
  5. Home town team, Cardiff City!! just sad that they have bumped up the prices now they are in the premier league ,, last year i pad 12 quid to watch a boxing day match, this year it is around 100 to see city v arsenal D: gutted
  6. Is this game worth coming back to if i plan to play on one account? i would like to just play casually, help people who need it and have a bit of a laugh, make a heal bot eni/ AP/MP raper/buffer, something lame but helpful to other people.... this game for me was about leveling as a solo team and this bored the shizz out of me. is there any group play going on anymore, or is the multi accouter still running the show by a long way? i know this is vague, im on the back of a 8 hour work shift and im just bored ( my mind wanders to dofus when im desperate :P ) opinions please my lovely impians :D
  7. i for one loved the bugs, the glitchy graphics and broken 1v1 pvp mechanics! the game was fun, but that was because everyone had not got bored of it yet, i mean many people who play dofus now have no concept of it pre 2.0, because its been out for so long!
  8. I think the obvious differenc is that people started to multi account. This was always going to cause a rift in the game. I had a nice team, could log 8 abd do whatever I wanted but my god it bores the hell out of me..., so I stopped all that went down to 2 accounts and tried to find real people to group with. This proves almost impossible these days because everyone is looking out for number 1 and a sponge on their time and drops is not welcome, and no amount of friendship can atone my ability to fail any challenge at any time :D If they had a no multi server I think we would all get the game we miss back, but with all the updates it would be infinitely better ( off topic? I don't know, had a point but I forget if that was it)
  9. i miss the way the old moo set looked on my iop pre-2.0 i miss the way the mopy king set looked on my osa pre 2.0 thats it... the game is much better now
  10. I could be tempted to log back in if given incentive . Also it will have to be when I get internet installed in my new house lol.D:
  11. seems like a nice idea, always liked to help the noobies but hated general leechers.... if i could be paired with someone who actualy wants to play i would love to be involved!
  12. Was zobal not the original concept name for the masqs, that got changed closer to release but a lot of the community got used to xD I prefer zobal :P
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