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  1. blackingteuton (Eyela) is not online.
  2. Shikans, double drops this weekend, from Saturday 11th, 00:01 (Paris Time) to Sunday 12th, 23:59 (Paris Time). First Place: Nehra (DE) and Shika (INT) Second Place: Helioboros (PT) Third Place: Lily (FR)
  3. While I have not experienced this bug, I thought I'd let you know that support turnaround times have improved tremendously of late: as mentioned by Izmar in another post earlier this month, the average first response on an English ticket is 16 hours. As long as you filled in the support ticket template correctly, you shouldn't have to wait too long. Best of luck! :)
  4. *hums, for the past few hours, "Thriller" by Michael Jackson* ... Thanks, Dacheat.
  5. Chay


    If Support looked into your ban and didn't reverse it, then perhaps you did do something that goes against the clause they referred to. There have been instances of bans being reversed when people have been accidentally caught by anti-bot measures and wrongly banned (just as an example, as I am sure there have been others situations). While Support staff members do have the final say on the matter of sanctions, there is no reason/benefit for them to ban customers who don't break the rules. I can only advise you to go back to your Support ticket and address their comment in a polite manner. If you feel something is being lost in translation or you would like help understanding your situation, you could contact Izmar (our CCM) via Ankabox on the official forums. This doesn't mean your ban will be reversed, but it is worth a try. Again, good luck!
  6. Chay


    Generally, when you get banned for doing something naughty, you get an email from Ankama explaining the reason behind your sanction. I have had accounts banned for security reasons on multiple occasions, ranging from irregular IP logins (the price to pay for traveling a lot), and for issues related to AnkaShield. It can take anything from a few days to a few weeks, as there is no official turnaround time for answering/addressing/resolving tickets (that I know of, anyway). As Elegast said, the best you can do is provide accurate and complete information when creating a ticket or replying to their request for additional information. I wish you the best of luck and I hope it gets resolved soon.
  7. This saddens me greatly. I wish you all the best out there in the real world, my dear. And while I will keep my promise to you, I will also live in hope that the stars might align one day... and you will return to us when the Xelor update comes through. My little warrior, it has been an honour. *salutes*
  8. Sorry, my dear... I didn't even apply, so get your thinking cap back on. ^^ Congrats, Papatuanuku and Ala. I genuinely hope you both have a blast!
  9. C'est quoi ça?! You visited and didn't even say hello? How rude, sir... *tuts*

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