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  1. Late to the party, but I'm in! Leeching off of Bef here (ever grateful btw,) doing profs, runnin' around
  2. As the title says, buying all toad hairs 4k each, 50k per 10, or 600k per 100. IGN : Sauron, Dorei, Uvall, Trombe
  3. Imho, this guy found some duping technique, as having that many gems on a server just a couple of days old is just impossible.. Justice dungeon is out of their reach since it requires much higher levels than they could possibly be (although having infinite ap bug xelor might go in their favor) And them just farming them all on their own also is ridiculous, in 4 days to have that many gems simply cannot be done. So i stand by my statement, dupe much! Bug bug bug. I just hope they cannot dupe items and resources as professions don't have a meaning then. I don't even know how many kamas they might have if they can dupe ores (kama-sellers??)
  4. Pretty useless? Besides you get extra ini, damage and ap rape when standing on it? And improved sinistro when summoned on hour cell? And Hydruile (that last fire spell) remaining on the battlefield if cast on hour cel?? Those are some pretty bonuses, but... i agree 3 wp is quite annoying (though it allows you to stack 90ap) and 3 turns duration is too low, when we know fights on higher lvls will take a lot more time than just a couple of turns...
  5. http://forum.wakfu.com/fr/3-etat-serveurs/...enance-serveurs "Hello everyone, Maintenance will be on Wednesday May 25 at 14h to deploy the 0.305 update of Wakfu. The game server will be unavailable for approximately two hours. Thank you for your patience and your understanding."
  6. Taken from frenchies: http://forum.wakfu.com/fr/2-carnet-bord/93...ise-jour-25-mai So what's new? 2 new classes, new dungeon(s), bug fixes, balancing, political system improvements, professions UI changes......and who knows what else Skill reset will also be available, now it is uncertain for whom, probably those classes who get balanced. Those are Ecas and Enus for sure, others have not been adressed. Quote on admin: "Enus are getting some nice changes." Complete patch list is not yet released. However they announced it will be available on the day the patch is released... Also some teaser pictures, ninja style from french forums New Government screen: Government-only channel for easier communication: P.S. Notice the HP New professions panel: And let's see where this one takes us
  7. And the 2nd class are the xelors, behold! :D
  8. Pied de Boufton (lvl 40) You can find those in Bonta forest, south park ... i mean part... of the continent ;)
  9. There are no banks at the moment, so we have to use methods you already stated....Having 3x 10 slot bags helps alot, as well as 4x miscellaneous vitrines in the haven bag (each with 10 resource slots).. Nobody knows whether they will add them or not..
  10. Sargon

    Iron mines

    You have to be very very.....very lucky to find iron, as those veins are way overcrowded. Iron can be found in the village (Amakna and Bonta) as well.
  11. 1 Since nobody has hit lv 100 yet, nobody knows. 2 That is questionable for now. Until we get a hold of all equipments and see set bonuses, and accordingly build your char, it's still uncertain. Depends on the build. 3 Nope and nope 4 I prefer skill points to ap, as, imho, you benefit more during the fight from 4-5 skill points, than 1 extra ap...but that's just me...
  12. Processor: Pentium 2Ghz or Dual Core RAM: 512MB Video card: NVidia: GeForce 3 and +, Ati: 9200 and + Hard Drive: about 300MB Internet : Cable, ADSL 128k and +, ISDN OS: Windows : 2000, XP, 2003 / Mac OS X / Linux Note: You might want to add couple of gigs of RAM as the game eats your memory, and starts to lag after a while. (then you have to restart wakfu and everything's fine) Oh these are outdated reqs so with newer patches i think it's a bit more than 300 MB but that shouldn't be a problem..
  13. Sargon


    You can always go to wakfu-world and search equipments with bonuses you want if you're not satisfied with tofu, since there is no water set for lower lvls (unlike tofu for air and gob for str/fire).
  14. Sargon

    Trapper Tips.

    Go with plants, they are available at lv 20 and give max 100xp. They can be found in Gobballfield country and that territory left of it (cant remember the name, but the one with warchiefs and clan master who teaches you herbalist profession). Oh and at lvl 30, you might want to visit the mine...larvas are there and lv30 trapper is requirement for their "mucus"
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