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  1. The Cra is more useful than the Masq. If you want optimum, Panda/Rogue is braindead but OP
  2. Damn you got me. Tell that fool I finally had meatloaf.
  3. Bumping this thread to say I'm back. Came back several months ago, but say hi if you're on Echo. You can find me @Constructs
  4. Didn't even see you around this time since I've come back, but cya later!
  5. Where you at?

    Touche and I are playing again 🙂

  6. Welcome back(?) Question #1: What would be the current meta for casual play, questing and running dungeons with two characters? I remember rogue/panda being very popular combination back in the days. I have access to a omni/crit dmg cra, int/cha/mp reduction enutrof, int/healer osamoda and class change is also on opinion. There's still a lot of Rogue/Panda going on if you're looking for something, "optimal" but you can play whatever you like from what I've seen so far to be honest. Omni Cras are powerful for PvM still. Gear is cheaper than when I played when CB~Kolosso stuff was 10m+. You can decently outfit a lv 200 for 60m (with exos) now (excluding Dofuses). Question #2: What would be a ideal set/gear for these characters? I still have all my gear and items from back in the days (mainly Frigost, whale and abyssal items), so I'd have to grind for new fancy sets. This will depend on what classes you end up with but I haven't been back long enough myself to comment on this. I have an Intel PvM and Agi PvM sets built for Elio, but I don't think either set would help in your case. Question #3: What is the current state of low to mid level (100 to 150) pvp? I remember having a blast with 1v1 bonta vs brak and 3v3 Kolossium before Ankama ruined both of those, which caused me to finally give up on the game. If yes, what would be a solid all around solo character to casually do kolossium? Sacriers are OP
  7. Yea, I used to play 3-4 accounts depending on dungeon but I'm solo accounting this time around. I have been considering duoing, but I'm also trying to stick with my strategy of not taking on too much. To be honest, I'm spending way more time playing than I expected which could be good or bad depending how you look at it. If you're on Echo @Constructs, drop me a PM and I'm happy to chit chat or help
  8. Yep, I came back about 3 months ago and a LOT has changed. It was really overwhelming. Like I told Riv, instead of trying to learn 20+ spells at once, I decided to start fresh. Learning 1 spell at a time, learning how it works, then later deciding if you want to continue or swap it for the alternative. Spells don't need scrolls and their levels increase as your character level increases but each spell is linked to one other spell and you have to choose which one you prefer to use i.e. you can't use both "linked" spells in the same fight. I learned what I liked the most leveling up "slowly." Another change is almost all elements are viable for all classes - epic level gear is expensive, low level isn't. Starting new gives you time to play around and find the element style you like. Don't believe me? Chance Srams are viable, haha. After playing a few weeks, I got connected with an old guildy who invited me to her guild and long story short I was lv 199 in about a month. I got tired of the Osa I made despite loving mine back in 2013, and now I'm an Elio. I'm having a lot of fun with it in this new version. Although I do miss the good ol' days, the expansion to Frigost and all the new epic dungeons have made the game pretty fun - at least for now.
  9. But I miss timbone the most ;____;
  10. Was looking for the merch, but didn't see it at 6, -19. Is everything gone?
  11. TwF

    I'm playing again.


    Come back pls

  12. I looked at the Ogrine market and it's about 7mil to sub for 3 months? I dunno if my math is bad but that seems expensive lol
  13. Yea, I've tried to log on to Retro but as F2P, it's always full. I'd be interested and making a character (I think we all start from scratch there?) and playing around to see if I have any interest but without being able to login, I likely won't sub just to try it..
  14. I'm on Echo but I don't understand how anything works. I also think all the nice Dofus that I had are worthless...
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