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  1. Damn, I popped on Imps after getting an invite for free 2 day subs on all my accounts. Why did I have to see this?
  2. TwF

    OLD VETERAN player~

    eww why would you come back?
  3. TwF

    amg hi

    I don't think it's that time consuming. I've been working 50-70 hours a week for my new job, so I don't want to spend my down time playing games. I've never played Wakfu, but most people like it for 1 month and then say it sucks.
  4. TwF

    amg hi

    Nope, sold most of my epic gear already. I'm done for good. I don't want to make time for this game anymore.
  5. TwF

    amg hi

    1 Osa leaves another returns. Welcome back! I did quit though.
  6. TwF


    Haha, it's an inside joke.
  7. TwF


    Meh, just another thing that will never be finished. Like this picture
  8. TwF


    Rushu's down another Osa. Merchant will be up sometime this week around -2 0. Later
  9. TwF

    Post your Guts

    That's what she said. I think you're missing some equal signs.
  10. Best solo account class is Sadida hands down. AoE/Ranged/Poison damage, heavy MP rape spells, healing and +MP buff. All you're really missing is map manipulation and -range. Seems like a no brainer.
  11. TwF

    Help with ankama lottery codes

    I've been running into the same issue. I've been trying for the past 3 days. Ended up getting a 1 week sub purchased with in game kamas. Hopefully this is resolved by then.
  12. TwF


    I am interested but you might want to include more information. Entry fee? Prizes? Class restrictions? Shield restrictions? Scheduled Date/Time? Deadlines for fights?
  13. TwF

    Strength/Agility Hybrid Iop

    My Cra wore Moowolf until 194. No shame. Just get yourself a Turq and 1/2 Splinter or something.
  14. TwF

    Current State of the Game

    Ankama has been looking for a way to integrate PvP more into the game since it's in such large demand. They have been for a long time. Epic level players are an established base since the game is so old. I'd say the case was the same when it was still 1.27 and the majority was 140~. I also don't know why you think it's harder for a 140 to make money. I bet you could easily be well off with 10m. When I was 140, Moowolf set ran over 60m for the set. I remember paying 27mil for the cape. The Kama gets you much farther now than it ever has. Things like 10 AP used to be something you bled for. Now it's no big deal. If you ask me, Dofus has turned into a cake walk piece of crap where every person has the opportunity to make a full set after 1 effective boss run and buying smaller mats. Then they have 10 AP and a full set within 2 weeks. The game isn't harder. It's ridiculously easier. P.S. I bet this is going to turn into one of those making money posts. Although that probably was not your intention. I think it has been apparent that those posts are always the same. Someone who is lazy opens a topic and asks about how to make money then people come in and talk about video game economics like they went to school for it. People who have the real answers aren't on here asking for tips or advice. They're playing Dofus and working hard for their Kamas.
  15. TwF

    Ways to kill Osamoda

    Fang's of the Boowolf takes a dump on linear res. Prespic is also a huge advantage when you have over 100 linear res w/ 50%. I'd like to think that is common in PvP with a Osamodas in Otomai. I don't know what all this whatnot is about. The best class to use to kill an Osa is a Sadida. Always was. It's their spell mechanics. Sacriers also generally can pick off some also but I feel as though that's heavily dependent on the Osa's resistance setup vs them and if the Sacrier is able to hit 3 times with Sunshade or 2. As for Intel Enus, I can spam more summons than they generally can kill. The primary reason an Osamoda is powerful is the utility it has to reduce damage inherently by distributing summons, unbewitching, mediocre/subpar map control and AP reduction. Their advantage isn't in the early game but mid to late. While I was PvPing during Head Hunter, I often had to take 30%+ damage to my health before my summons really started to overwhelm. Controlling those in whatever way possible is how you win.