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  1. SyrupnBeavers

    Looking for a new anime

    Bleach is okay, the older you get the worse bleach is. Fairy Tail currently has a really shitty ending so brace yourself for that, there is supposed to be a continuation in April. The second half of SAO turns really awkward really fast, I hope you know what the Japanese use tentacles for.
  2. SyrupnBeavers

    Final fantasy XIV ARR

    NA Exodus.
  3. SyrupnBeavers


    The people on the IRC have been playing it a lot you should pop by sometime.
  4. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokemon - Hard Mode

    So picking up where we left off in Slateport, there's a big line of criminal pool boys at a museum or something? So I decided to explore the rest of the city. Oh. And now the line is gone. Seems appropriate. So I went upstairs and got ganged up on by a bunch of pool boys or whatever, but I defeated them and they swore they'd get me next time. Afterwards I went North out of town. What are you doing here? Professor Birch warned me about May looking for me, I don't want to deal with her goddamn Zapdos right now. Route 110 was not kind to me. So she didn't have Zapdos anymore, score. This house is creepy. Still creepy. Why did you have a million bushes growing out of your floor? I always preferred the Acro bike because the Mach Bike is just kind of unwieldy. Backtracking sequence over the cycling road that I didn't screenshot The reason for the backtracking sequence. In front of the Gym in Mauville City I saw Wally. You gotta get more dudes, dude. I'm probably going to Verdanturf too, I guess I'll see you there? Sorry about crushing your dreams. I have mixed feelings about Route 111 Route 111 got a little better though. Next time we finish up with Route 111 and maybe we challenge the Mauville Gym.
  5. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokemon - Hard Mode

    Check the first post in this topic. I'm playing an Emerald Randomizer run. So picking up where we left off. Brawly had a Slaking with Blast Burn, a very flimsy Dragonite and a Kamikaze Politoed that killed itself with Perish Song. Slaking gave me some trouble but otherwise everything went fine. Afterwards, now that I could use Flash I went looking for the person I had to deliver the letter to, or something. I got a few TMs on the way, nothing remarkable. I failed to screenshot the other one I got but it was something unimpressive. He gave me the TM for Ancient Power. I bent the rules some more and caught some dudes on the other floors of the cave I was in. I probably won't use this guy. Or this one. After I got out of the cave I headed off to Slateport The beach was bustling with trainers and after battling with them all I could finally buy something to cool down. Should come in handy, at least for a little while. After I was done getting my tan I headed into the city proper and it looks like there's some trouble at the swimming pool because all the evil pool cleaners are out in full force. This update is smaller than I thought it would be, but it's my second update today so whatever.
  6. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokemon - Hard Mode

    I decided against the Pokemon fainting rule, as mentioned before, and I'm also only catching one pokemon per area, but not necessarily the first one I encounter, however, assuming there is tall grass, I must decide what to capture before the first trainer battle in that area. Actually come to think of it this is probably why I've had so many Electric types, since I seem to have an affinity for bright colours. I'm bending a lot of the rules because I want to see this run through to becoming the Champion, I've also never played Emerald before so I'm interested in seeing how the story is different from Ruby/Sapphire. Anyway on with the run. So I know I said I was going to battle Roxanne first thing, well I remembered something I had to do first. I paid a visit to Rusturf Tunnel and caught pretty cool looking. I slapped my EXP share on this guy and then headed off to Roxanne. My team for Roxanne So the trainer battles leading up to Roxanne were pretty easy, Arty gained quite a few levels. So Roxanne wasn't very difficult, her team didn't hit very hard and they weren't very tanky, she had a very strange looking blue Sunkern but it didn't last very long. She must not have very good luck. Metal sound is awful, oh well. So after the gym I ran into the crime syndicate again, they touched some guy's package and asked me to pursue them. I decided to dish out some vigilante justice and headed north-east. Also they apparently stole this guy's Peeko. After defeating yet another evil Pool Cleaner I was graced with a miracle. After letting the guy in town know that his molester has been silenced I was treated to some lengthy dialogue about some voodoo called the Pokegear. As I was trying to head south, out of town I met someone I battled before. Oh fuck. This is the first legendary I've seen so far. I've battled a few Salamences but this guy was TOUGH. He kept spamming fucking Fire Blast, Fortunately, on the third try I was able to take advantage of its colour change and KO with a crabhammer from Sacagawea. She still had Relicanth, but it didn't seem to have learned any new attacks since our last battle. After heading south through the woods I spoke with an old man in a house and he took me on a mystical journey across the sea as payment for saving his Peeko. I arrived in Dewford Town and started making the rounds. Psychic will be nice to have around. I'll have to look up some cheats later so I can duplicate it, since for whatever reason I didn't get a whole stack of them. It's a shame Arty can't learn it, but at least Isla can. While I was in Granite Cave I had another well-timed improvement. Hoots evolved. Colours still aren't really coming through. I also caught this little dude, strange how his ability isn't any different from normal. Next time...
  7. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokemon - Hard Mode

    So picking up where we left off, I was on my way across Route 102 on my way to Petalburg City. I battled some trainers and spoke with a child, the poor little guy is hopelessly addicted to crayons, I had none so he decided to do what he could to cope. I caught up with my Dad and I helped Wally catch an Aipom, congratulations I guess? On Route 104 I met: He should prove to be interesting, hopefully his recovery moves will save me some money. In Petalburg Forest I met: I'm not sure what to think of her, she seems to be okay so far, the typing may come in handy, it's a shame the colours aren't too great. I also ran into a Crime Syndicate... I think? I acquired my first TM from an NPC just outside of the forest, isn't this exciting? Fortunately I found another TM nearby, incidentally, the randomizer gives you 95 TMs whenever you acquire one from the ground, I'm not sure why, but I appreciate it, I might have to extend this to ones acquired through NPCs since it just makes sense. I also found this hidden nearby, I don't remember where a lot of hidden items are, but I sure appreciate this one. I managed to make it to Rustboro City pretty safely in the end, I probably was a bit overlevelled, it's really hard to gauge this kind of thing. I took a quick stroll north to Route 116 and ran into this young lady: Sure are a lot of electric types, this one is looking pretty strong though, Davis and Florence might have some competition. I'm not going to do a team update this time because I figure it makes more sense to do it next update, since y'know...
  8. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokemon - Hard Mode

    So I have been wanting to replay X and Y, but because pokemon bank isn't out yet I thought I'd play something else in the meantime. I decided to play a randomizer since I always wanted to. I'm going to be using some Nuzlocke rules here but I'm not hardcore enough to have permanent death rules in a randomizer because it's just so much more unpredictable. However I will be trying to avoid backtracking to heal as often as possible to make up for this, I expect to be very poor since losing a battle costs half your pokedollars. So I'm a boy and my name is Syrup. I think the screenshot speaks for itself but in the interest of commentary I am commenting since I decided to cut out all the garbage about moving into a new house and how unsafe it is to ride in the back of a truck with a bunch of boxes that aren't tied down. Oh by the way, pokemon will use colour palettes appropriate to their type, more often than not, in case you were wondering about that kind-of-cool Relicanth there. Anyway I decided to go with Pidgey because it's the only one that evolves. At least I can count on damage and hopefully oneshot my way to victory early, The fact that this thing had drought was somewhat terrifying because in a trial run I chose an ice/ground Psyduck and the poor thing would keel over at the smallest breeze. I skip ahead here to the battle with May because nothing really happens in Oldale Town, I don't have pokeballs so I don't catch anything, it's boring times. So May chose Relicanth, this guy was a bastard, he only knew grass attacks and his defenses were high so I couldn't oneshot him with hyper beam and he'd usually kill me during the recharge turn. I had to do some serious grinding here, finally succeeding at level 8 and levelling up to 9. Hoo boy. After a detour back to Littleroot Town I finally have some Pokeballs to throw around. I decided to make one more exception to the Nuzlocke because I had absolutely no money left after repeatedly losing to May's Relicanth and gave myself permission to savescum with the few pokeballs I did have, at least until I could recuperate some funds with some trainer battles. So after deciding how I was going to proceed with my meager 5 pokeballs... on Route 101 I caught: I'm sure most of you are kind of chuckling to yourselves about the irony but Zubat's evolutionary line is one of my favorites so I was actually pretty pleased to get something with such an amazing colour palette. On Route 103 I caught: Meh, colour looks okay, it can't evolve her in this game so I'll probably box her later when I have more things to fill my team out with. On Route 102 I caught: Interesting type combination, the randomizer lets trade-evolution pokemon evolve normally through gameplay so it'll be fun to see where this goes. I decided to grind everyone up to a similar level before the first trainer battle, since my movepools are less than stellar and I need to be able to make it to the next town, ideally without backtracking for heals. At the end of the first day I saved with the following: Getting better. Shadow Punch should be nice to have around. Blah. Extremespeed, nice, probably the best thing I could hope for, shame about the PP though.
  9. SyrupnBeavers

    League of Legends

    Played as Janna vs Caitlyn in All for One on the Howling Abyss. Had a really slow start because we couldn't deal with all the cupcakes in one tiny little lane, but eventually we won simply because Janna is so good at making it really difficult to push down a tower and we were able to drag the game on long enough to get enough damage and AP to deal with the Caitlyns.
  10. SyrupnBeavers

    League of Legends

    Been playing All for One in custom games so I could play on Howling Abyss. Galio has probably been my favorite so far, those poor brands couldn't make a dent in us.
  11. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokémon XY

    They're really easy to catch with fishing chains.
  12. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokémon XY

    Boldore, Dwebble and Corsola here, be jealous.
  13. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokémon XY

    EVs cap at 252 now instead of 255, so you can't overshoot the cap now. If you're going for a more specific spread then saving and using a reset bag will give you an exact number and obviously, since you saved, you can just reset your game back to before you reset your EVs.
  14. SyrupnBeavers

    Pokémon XY

    I added people. Now I have more people to spam O-powers on and get Friend Safari pokemon from.