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  1. Oi oi, is july Rosal’s comeback? Been a while Naso. Atm on Echo, but might pay a visit soon Banana!
  2. Feels kinda nice to see a known face around here. Teeh ehh. Also, i see old idiotic scams are still going lol.
  3. Hello there. as a fellow comebacker yes lots has changed. Cant say tho that after having to adapt to the new dofus i am not enjoying it. Solo play has been made much viable now since questing has become a staple for both leveling and kama making, along dofuses grabbing. my advice would be to seek back an old shika guild which has a lower level brother guild, and have an update on overall first steps to do ingame. As for sacriers no, they no longer have twice the hp gain. They re still super solid (and op atm xd) and fun to play tho. best of luck
  4. Done, thanks to who got me ingame
  5. Welp, thought i'd be fine but these guys have 12k hp and deffo not a fight for a poor lv 120 like me. Anyone online at lv 200 with a 4man team willing to help?
  6. GUess that explains where my 20 levels of farmer went. Good old Ankama
  7. Yoh! quite enjoying the content. Kwaks are as annoying as i remember them to be lol. I'l see you around i guess, and i won't mind some love level equip if you spare it
  8. Gonna have few months of free time ahead, and nostalgia took me back. Made a team on Echo. Still trying to cope with the many changes, but having quite fun atm. Is anyone i know still around? I will give this version a shot. Atm F2p, but looking at the prices won't be a problem subbing. Just few questions : -Wheres gobbal dungeon? lmao they took it off! - Best leveling spots for f2p in current system? -Best professions leveling spots? Hope to catch yall ingame. So far there's a bit i don't like but also a lot of things i like compared to years ago! Morg
  9. Least thing i thought i'd find coming back on here was this post. Hell man i don't even think you remember me. Been what. 8 years? Aside a lil comeback i had on Imps Village. I see there have been quite few changes in Dofus in this almost "decade". Just when i got nostalgic watching a Wakfu advertize. I've gone through a quick read, but i guess i need a lil more infos on all this mess lol. Good to see some legends stil around tho... might pay a visit...
  10. Might as well make a char from scratch. but oh the grinding back to 200 D: how's ogrines and subs tis days?
  11. Holy cowzorz you still live? <3333333 Excuse me dear sir i tought years were good on them like they were on me lol. What's the word around? My toons died didnt they? >< Uh huh not so dead seems to me then lol :P Hopefully soon i'll be paying a visit!
  12. 12 hrs and not an answer. Ahhh good ol' ankama.
  13. Just sent a ticket to Ankama support to see if i can at least get back Eca and Iop, hoping support has improved in the last 3 years ehe. Other than that kinda clueless. Hard to remember the mails i used on them after so long. Couldnt care less if Rosal is gone as long as my dudes and dudettes are still around <3
  14. Oh my, been 3 years ago. I pretty much heard Rosal is dead? Is anyone from the old guard still around? All i saw was Persona and he had just arrived on Rosal few months before i quitted :D Is my toon still alive somewhere? i even lost track of it lmao. Anyways, hopped in here for now, got some free time again, might think to hop back? dunno! Morgan O'Bree or Roujin-Jakka. Jeez.
  15. Finished and totally loving it. Once i'll have time/cash to mage up something missing (few vit, couple of dmgs, some res) it'll be even more amazing. It maintains its full potential of Str char (100+ earth/neut dmg) while keeping a handy avg damage on Fire spells (expecially with greeds), and practically being an amazing backflip whith Bluff (crits are scarily high even on low +ele dmg). The staff is GREAT, the dmg is quite amazing for being 4 aps (and i can almost alwais swing 3 times) and the heals are lovely. Under Livis, ogivol's. Moving on eni!
  16. Morg

    Best Hits!

    impressive! if only we could gain 10 crits XD
  17. Yay, first compensation of double exp, then this, typical. better not screw with rollbacks and future xp weekends. I'm off work from 25 april to 3rd march, so i won't be able to use much the double exp, then they kill my timeplay with this...awesome.
  18. Since when we need pp anymore? :lol: I can alwais swap something for kali dofus :I
  19. Evolving chars after a lil break and new update, this is where i got so far. Mount is plum emerald still, missing 2 pieces i think for his final stats. EDIT: forgot to add cawwot dofus XD
  20. Same set on my eca apart battleflag for kralo :P
  21. bump, still accepting turq dofuses, or cash, hit me up with an offer!
  22. fuji set has overall low vit, str and agi aren't great but just averagly good. Also said benefits (ap, critical hits bonus) comes wearing full set. Also, we were talking about gaining a 6th mp, not a 5th, and overall w/o using a mount. Which would make sacrifices necessary. Same goes for a 12/6 setup using ap/mp gelano. As for str or agi chars, should i remind you that for over 4 years we didn't have any end game set giving an ap bonus, as well as epic gear severely lacked critical hits and range as well. While we were struggling with this, cha or int chars happily lived with their glad sets, am i wrong? Call it compensation ;) Xa ring gives a pretty nice mp along with 1 range and dmg, i wouldn't call it shitty,expecially if you come up with another piece of xa set to add.
  23. Isn't 3 range a bit too low on an enu? altho isn't a bad setup at all.
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