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  1. People still alive? x) I started playing again and am on the echo server. If you're there as well gimme a message!
  2. I've played one game with a skarner so far which was with a karma and lulu on the team, which was fun. Needless to say it wasn't that hard to pick a target with the speed buffs. Other than that I don't really see him having as much of an impact as the top tier junglers would have, too team/enemy team reliant imo. P.S I hate how that new mana item(the one that grants a portion of your mana on AA) doesn't work with WW's ult :(
  3. "Press d to dance", That vid is quite amusing :P
  4. Top: Warwick, Irelia. Jungle: Kha(I presonally do not jungle at all, corrct me if this is wrong due to changes.) Mid: Ziggs. ADC: Graves. Support: Zyra, Braum, Nami. Edit: These are not my main champs.
  5. Sure if you play against a heavy ap/cc comp mercs are the way to go, but for the love of god don't get them if you have golem. There's plenty of other optiones to go if you want mr vs a heavy ap comp.
  6. True it's not as frequent as it used to be but still hurts my eyes :(
  7. Although I agree on the subject of igniting dead targets, I too am guilty of this but mostly in the case of a large bounty and wanting the assist gold. Also seeing players apologize for taking kills makes me kind of sad. This in my opinion shows inexperience and in plat should really not be the case. On a different note, how often do you guys see junglers get mercs aswell as golem in your league? This annoys the shit our of me especially because I have yet to get a jungler to change their boots after I point it out to them.
  8. So I wanted to increase my champ pool and decided to buy Leblanc as i hardly play mid and would like to add something to strengthen my position there. Ho lee fuck, this champ is retarded.
  9. As someone who mains support I pretty much feel it is my right to get the kill most of the time, especially when I'm playing something like Zyra. I set up a kill and you fuck it up so they might get away? You can fucking count on me taking it, even if that means he's still right in front of your nose.(e.g they may be able to flash away if I don't kill them.) I also "love" how most people would flame over something like this yet give 0 credit to supports when stuff does go as planned.
  10. He's talking about kha having a stealth ability iirc, meaning you have to get oracle's lens or pinks to spot him during tfs. So in a way champions like vayne, akali and twitch etc. "share" this "passive" by having an ability that may(preferably) require an item to reveal them meaning you already have a small lead in champ select by somewhat forcing your opponents to get certain items which ofcourse cost gold. Edit: Very interesting video btw, though I don't agree with everything the guy says he sure has quite an interesting mind set coming into games which loads of people lack in this game. De
  11. I definitely prefer him support to mid aswell, especially in this meta. He does offer quite a decent amount of zoning aswell as dmg once you get to a couple of items. The way i see it is that he's a semi-safeish laner, yes he's incredibly squishy and incredibly immobile but because of his zoning and waveclear you can sort of work around this and make up with poke and lots of damage later on. Overall I'd say i simply agree with you, he's not shit but not top tier either. (Gotta love blasting that laser trough the fog of war in the jungle and dealing tons of damage in a big team fight though ^^.
  12. @gazpoole I run armor reds and yellows, mr blues 2 ad quints and a health regen quint. I agree that thresh may have some early game mana problems(could be fixed in early-midgame by going for a mikael's in certain matchups) however i don't feel like i need to run additional mana runes for this. The ad as stated is for a faster lvl 2 aswell as a bit of additional dmg for poke(this is also why i run the health regen quint). This however is by no means the only way to run him, i definitely agree with the above statement of tuna. Edit: What are you guys' thoughts on vel'koz support? Imo he's an i
  13. I occasionally watch an lcs game when there's an interesting matchup or a bit of an oddball pick in them for funsies. Not been too impressed as of yet with what i've seen this split. @gazpoole I took the liberty of taking a look at your runes/masteries for thresh as it's my favourite champ and imo you should change out the mana quints when you can. I personally prefer ad quints. Also a quite cheesy and relatively easy thing to pull off(in terms of skill), is to position yourself behind the minion that would make you hit lvl 2 in line with the target you want to hook and as soon as it dies(ma
  14. Well after following this thread for about a year i figured it's about time i actually post here aswell. I've been playing LoL for about 2 and a half years now. Started playing renked at the end of S3(basically to get elise aswell as the skin) and am currently plat III on euw, summoner name Smoking DoPie. So uhm basically making my presence known aswell as saying hi :). On topic: @Mike holy fuck good job man, it took me ages to get my first penta both in normal aswell as in ranked(just got my first ever penta in ranked on twitch) #3 so far.
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