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  1. Selling Ivory Dofus 115mk pm Don-Chin in game
  2. Selling Ivory Dofus 125mk pm Arrowxel-Shadow in game
  3. S> Abyssal Dofus 80mk
  4. Francisco

    Sink Calculator (2.XX)

  5. Francisco

    Sink Calculator (2.XX)

    Do you know the weight of the new shield runes?
  6. Francisco

    Buying Abyssal Dofus

    Do you still need it?
  7. Francisco

    b> abyssal dofus 70m

    Do you still need it?
  8. Buying Totankama Fragments 350kk each need all of them and 5 of each
  9. Buying Cell, Minotot and Peki Peki soul
  10. Put my name in the queue please, I will buy 3 farmers and 3 bakers.
  11. Let me know when you have space for a service. I will need farmer and baker.
  12. Francisco

    Sell 11 ch Turq

    do you still have it?