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Everything posted by Pablooo

  1. nah not been on since 2010 lol, just thought id fly by
  2. still into the drawing i see, they're quality :o
  3. eu sou um gorda cigana :p

  4. dan ur avatar is so cool, just looked at it from bulbasaur to oak, its awesome
  5. there's only one fernando torres, and his other surname is llorente...

  6. why the fuck have you got him in ur pic? the only Spaniard you need to know about is Llorente!:D

  7. Out of interest, i have downloaded all of the GBA Versions of the game along with a GBA Emulator, do i have to download a DS Emulator in order to black Black/White?
  8. lets make babies

  9. you look like a black man from a tv programme but i cant quite work it out...maybe the guy who plays chris in everybody hates chris? but i dunno. /random
  10. just because im awkward, im reading your thread.
  11. i know www.myp2p.eu allows you to watch major events, but theyre not always working, but i dont know any specific sky sports websites:p
  12. hey sexy, i think you should log on! im good, hows the aussie been? :D

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