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  1. Did you really think this post belonged to "Ankama announcements" thread? :blink:
  2. It could give a bonus to the almanax daily bonuses maybe, like , for example the day that we got double dt bonuses, wearing that dofus would become triple or something. But then i guess some days are going to be OP :D
  3. I have a little osa that is growing now and his future will be as a vit/support osa and i thought of a set with full borealis set,amg band,kralomansion,xa cape and bearbarian hammer. With this set he will have some summons, good vit, nice str for whip, and the hammer hits ok also with lowish stats. I have to decide the trophies for him yet but probably i will use dodge one and stats ones to improve dmg a little and make him able to move around better.
  4. After long years of slow playing, finally my first 200 character Uploaded with ImageShack.us Thanks to everybody in my guild that helped me a lot :D
  5. Oh come on! Still no feca armors modification? They keep changing the same classes over and over but nothing about the one they said (over an year ago) they would change. Please ankama , do us a favor and change the armors soon :(
  6. I would love a net as weapon, really low dmg but area of effect like 2 squares and it steals mp. Something like : Crab fishers' net: 1-2 neutral (2squares area like striking) steals 2-3 mp range 4-6 200 vit 40 wis 10 dmg Just a quick idea but a mp stealing weapon would be so nice B-)
  7. Ok, let's say Minotot is a female dog when vcent beat her hard and she change in a male minotaur when i spank him weekly B-) /end of off topic
  8. A dog? Isn't it supposed to be a minotaur or something like a bull anyway? :o Btw, on topic: 1) Skeunk , because...well because it's Skeunk 2) Sphincter Cell because of the name and because i will always remember how epic i felt the first time we did it back in the days 3) Bherb because it's always funny to hit so hard with leek pie :P
  9. Great service guys! Reccomended for anyone B-)
  10. Does Kin's relic have any relation with dropping dofuses? For who doesn't know, it's the thing you get at the end of the Key master quest. Does anybody know if it really helps dropping dofuses or if it is just a myth? I have heard the strangest things about it , for example that it would unlock the drop of vulbis dofus and other stuff like that. I personally think these are just legends but not sure^^.
  11. Wait a moment, talking about the "high offense eni", how come he has no agi bonus? He is wearing minotot boots that gives +agi :P P.s.: Morgan, that sacrier looks scary! edited to add the "p.s." i forgot :D
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