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Everything posted by Snarkles

  1. Snarkles

    Increase level cap

    Changing the level cap wouldn't be impossible, as that would just mean an adjustment in growth per level - OBVIOUSLY it wouldn't keep rising exponentially. However, as they have said before, they're looking into ways to advance past 200. This means possible some sort of additional ranks or prestige levels. Whether it would be mostly aesthetic or have actual, minor or not, gameplay advantages, is another matter. An adjustable level system, like the one coming to Wakfu, is fairly different, and Dofus' closest equivalent of that is the Idol system, which allows older, lower level content to still be challenging, even for players with higher level characters. Obviously this is not the same thing, but it's as close as it gets. In Wakfu, the experience stays the same, while in Dofus, idols can greatly modify and change the tactics of a fight. In Dofus, higher level characters with idols on impact lower level characters in the fight, meaning they cannot play at the same level, meaning Wakfu's is more friendly for teaming up with newbies.
  2. Snarkles

    Letter to the community 3 - April

    No one's mentioned the new 16:9 format they're working on? :P
  3. Snarkles

    Add "Heavy" status to Ecaflip's Luck

    Does the panda not take double damage?
  4. Snarkles

    Liann's Art Thread

    Soo are you going to post mine? xD
  5. Snarkles

    Dungeon Rusher Events

    Not bad, looks kinda neat. :D
  6. Snarkles

    New pet

    A karmeleon is a pet... a pets-mount. :rolleyes: Seriously though, I guess that's the trade-off. The stats for having to use the petsmount - like needing to be on a DT for range/mp. I wouldn't be opposed to such a pet though, and I don't think it would be "a bit OP". Don't forget there are the brak/bont alignment pets, those give 5% res and 100 vit when maxed. Also, you can disable pets/mounts in a fight, hiding them from view, if you didn't know!
  7. Snarkles

    Ankamabox is being spammed

    That happened to me too- astrub must be cancerous. I blocked/deleted them, and haven't had anything since...
  8. Snarkles

    Dofus 2.34 beta changelog

    Interesting change.. "why now?" is my question. And no, they dont' test enough. They don't do much before beta, just to see if things actually function, and betas run for only 2 weeks which is too damn short (and is the reason I took a break earlier this year). :angry: I also can't help but think that some people keep this sort of things to themselves, to exploit later when it goes live. >_>
  9. Snarkles

    Selling Ochre Dofus

    I think I heard something about an ochre for sale?
  10. Edit: Fragments bought, please close. Hello Imps, I'm looking to buy some of the elemental fragments I am missing - no luck whatsoever getting these. These are the ones I am missing: 3rd Water 4th Fire 1st and 4th Earth I also have an extra for trade: 2nd Water MAPS: NONE currently. Pm me here or in-game (or ankabox), thanks!
  11. All fragments bought, and no need for map fragments at the moment; thread can be closed.
  12. Snarkles

    Time to say goodbye for real!

    I know you haven't been playing, but still! :< No~ At least call it a break! >_<
  13. Snarkles

    Dofus 2.34 beta changelog

    That's an excellent point... I honestly haven't seen this mentioned yet. It'll be interesting to see what people say about it in the coming week.
  14. Snarkles

    Post your goals and achievements

    It's a big deal for me, since I've been wanting to finish this, and had crap luck gathering fragments, ever since it was available. :D
  15. Snarkles

    Dofus 2.34 beta changelog

    :/ But I like my 400 vit Kralomansions Dx they look so nice.
  16. Snarkles

    Rosalt live blog

    Ah I see. However, in the gen 1 scenario rBanana Jerkyy, there is the matter of the base chance to miss on every move. That means it Technically would be possible to get to a point where Brock's mons would have to Struggle, which would require less potions and therefore not require hacking. In that scenario though, you'd have to ensure your pikachu would have enough total PP to PP stall all of Brock's team. Praise Yoba.
  17. Snarkles

    Rosalt live blog

    How about using Soak? It's technically a water move but it's not an attack~ it would let you attack them with electric attacks though.
  18. Snarkles


    In my opinion, that would just make the class overcomplicated.. moreso than how Xelor spells have diferent effect depending on the Telefrag state. I'm curious though, what spells do you find yourself not using? I think it's fairly normal for people not to use every spell often; that's the point of having different elemental builds and play styles. When I think of my own Masq, I use most spells pretty evenly, as my set is somewhat omni... I'd say the one I use the least is Retention, because I have less focus on air damage. (Yes, Picada isn't a terrible spell and I actually use it! Not that I'd mind a small buff though. And Tortoruga is a great spell, especially since my set has +6 range, mwahahaha~)
  19. Snarkles

    Seasons of Fun

    Well, there are different categories for that reason, really! Wasn't my typo, lol. Maybe it really IS "choke"-full.
  20. Snarkles

    Seasons of Fun

    Posted here: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/458232-seasons-fun Because we know that our Community is choke-full of incredible talent, and because we are always amazed to see your work, we're asking you to take part in an art contest to celebrate World Art Day! In order for the Krosmoz artists who sleep within each of you to fully exploit their talents, we're offering you four distinct fields of competence. As such, you will be able to choose whether you want to enter the Graphical Arts portion of the contest, the Fine Arts portion, the Audiovisual Arts portion, or the Literary Arts portion. So that you don't feel lost in this huge artistic world, we have set up precise goals for each of these fields. Here's what we are actually expecting from you: Graphical Arts: Compose an A4 or A3 format poster for the DOFUS MMO. Traditional drawings (using paints, inks, crayon...) and digital drawings are both accepted. Fine Arts: Create a figurine or a diorama. You may use a great variety of base materials, such as clay, papercraft, resin, styrofoam, etc. Audiovisual Arts: Direct a fun video sequence related to the game; trailer, ad, or jingle. Literary Arts: Imagine a story, and tell it as a comic page, using in-game screenshots for the art. So although you now have a more precise idea of what we're shooting for, you still don't exactly know what's the subject matter at hand. OK, we're talking about DOFUS, but that's not exactly narrowing anything down! So here are four themes that you can exploit in your artistic field of choice: Spring theme: "New Worlds ahoy!" Summer theme: "FIIIIIGHT!!!" Autumn theme: "The Dofus quest" Winter theme: Free These seasonal themes, as you may have understood by now, are displaying the same colours that the calendar that appeared before your very eyes just a few hours ago, and allow you to pick and choose the way you will enter this contest. Of course, this is all fine and dandy, but what is there to win? First off: the immense and undeniable pleasure of sharing your marvellous creative talents with all the DOFUS Community, so that's not nothing! More practically, as this contest is international, we have decided to choose five winners (no matter their community of origin) per artistic field, and a Staff Favourite for each Community. The prizes you may win depend on the artistic field you choose to compete in: Graphical Arts: Paint Emote + 1-month subscription + thematically appropriate Set Fine Arts: Gerbean + 1-month subscription + thematically appropriate Set Audiovisual Arts: Play the Flute Emote + 1-month subscription + thematically appropriate Set Literary Arts: Write Emote + Ringomontade + 1-month subscription + thematically appropriate Set The thematically appropriate Sets depend on the theme you choose to work with, and are: Spring theme: Shincha Set Summer theme: BzzZet Autumn theme: Pynekone Set Winter theme: Frost Set So! Are you ready to celebrate art any and all way possible? Then please send us your entry before Sunday, May the 8th, at 23:59 (Paris Time) at the following address: contestdofus@ankama.com Don't forget to include your account nickname (that's your public forum account name, not your login, just so we're clear). And we're done talking. It is now up to you to get to work, and to dazzle and impress us with your wonderful entries!
  21. Snarkles

    2016 Calendar (June)

    Regarding the december update - it seems likely that it will be the new Ouginak class, not the Osa revamp. Which is not to say that the Osa/Sac revamp won't happen this year, but because of what Ankama has said regarding those two projects, they don't want to announce anything yet because they're still working on figuring out the revamps for themselves. I saw some odd things in english so switched it over to french, and it makes more sense now. I really don't know why I bother visiting the site in english, to be honest (except for the forum). English: October Emote Scroll: Elemental Dofus French: October La quête des Dofus Élémentaires (The quest for the Elemental/Elementary Dofus) I read "emote scroll" and knew that was wrong, lol
  22. Snarkles

    Dofus 2.34 beta changelog

    Definitely an improvement I feel, but more petals, hearts and M A G I C A L F A I R Y D U S T would be neat. (am I the only one suuuper hyped for a future sacrier emote? It will be glorious.)
  23. Snarkles

    Thief pretending to be others (2)

    Scammer until proven innocent.
  24. Of course it is.. server transfers ruined the game for a lot of people. x) Lol oh well!

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