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Everything posted by Snarkles

  1. Snarkles

    Ravynn's art cove [Commissions closed]

    Yay~ welcome back. And no.. it's not dead.
  2. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    All hail Briss.
  3. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    They should just add an achievement that is the combination of both-that way you can still obtain the one with the horseshoe, same as before.
  4. Snarkles

    First harness

    Actually, a paper bag harness/skin would be hilarious. Or one of those potato bag masks sadis have.
  5. Snarkles

    First harness

    Those are pretty awesome, actually. But, I still find Muldos kinda..crappy looking. It may be the open mouth.
  6. Snarkles

    First harness

    It does. It looks cool.
  7. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    Very true.
  8. Snarkles

    another game maybe =D?

    Oh man, Islands of Wakfu... fortunately enough for me, a while back my brother had an xbox360, and when I found out about it, I bought it almost immediately. (Platypus pet and the art/style looked great) I found it was very fun - it's a sort of hack and slash rpg with some puzzle elements, which tells some of the Eliatrope backstory. Unfortunately I never did get around to finishing it.. it was difficult and my brother ended up loaning or selling the console. So to answer your questions: Is it worth buying? In my opinion, yes. It looks nice, the lore/environments are interesting, the gameplay is good, it's fun. Will they create other games for newer systems (or PC)? Yes, probably. They release new games for various platforms every so often - I think the newest was the mobile game "Tactile Wars" (Pink Army 4ever) and Dofus Touch should be out soon? They already have some console games, so there's no reason there cannot be more.
  9. No shit you can just ignore people-everyone knows this... this thread is just someone's suggestion for some sort of in-game report system, why is that so bad? Don't derail it, lol
  10. Snarkles


    Sacrier, all day. The positioning, buffing, healing/stealing hp..it's never boring. There's a lot you can do solo (here's hoping their revamp, whenever it comes, doesn't change their core too much).
  11. Yeah, a built-in reporting feature that gets the whois/time thing automatically, in some form, would be a neat addition. Maybe even make it the only way to report people/behavior, that way, on Ankama's side, they only need to watch tickets coming in from one source. (And trust me, that's a big deal.)
  12. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    That will go away after a while, but yeah, its funny to watch xD But annoying af.
  13. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    They're also going to move that exp to previous levels, so its a bit more gradual. The grind from 199 to 200 will be shorter by half, which is great, but the leveling from 1 to 199 should be longer. I'm just hoping levels 191-199 won't feel as tough.
  14. Take that with a huge bucket of salt.. :P I'd just ignore that one post lol
  15. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    What it says is that a new parameter is added to the breeding of this new species "genetic collision". Basically, the closer two parents are, genetically speaking, the lower the number of offspring will be. "Muldos", the french name for this species, have 1-4 offspring ordinarily, and inbreeding will lower this number.
  16. Snarkles

    In a submarine…

    I don't know about over the top, but very strong? Yes. I guess that's why the minimum range is as high as it is.
  17. Well, I'm hoping they either go with something similar to what I proposed above(take current exp into account towards new levels, but with rapidly diminshing returns) OR, use an idea which I've been reading about on the french forums. The idea is to preserve current exp, but still have everyone at level 200 start with the same level, by using a separate gauge or experience point pool. This would be to the "benefit" people who spam exp for the ladder.. which I personally think is kind of stupid, but to each their own. Those people can still brag about their e-schlong rank in the exp Leaderboard, but won't have an advantage over those who didn't care about it, or those who might've cared, but cared more about exping their guilds, incarnations, mounts..
  18. Snarkles

    The Strange Case of a (possible) Fishing Bot

    Yeah, probably, definitely a bot. If he Really didn't want to have anything to do with you, he would've just ignored or blocked you or something, instead of immediately declining. As Prinny said, probably not always a bot though, but still very against the ToS, especially if they use injection or some other way of bypassing normal use of the program.
  19. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    Uh, that's basically the same thing, right? Either way, their final hp will be 25% less than the first wave (the first wave of monsters has normal HP).
  20. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    "A player who has entered their HavenBag from a zone which has multiple instances (like Incarnam for example), returns to the same instance of the map once they leave the Havenbag."
  21. Snarkles

    2.35 Changelog

    Awesome news~ If a translation doesn't come out relatively soon, I can summarize. edit: just read the part where you can drop gob gear and other sets once more!
  22. Snarkles

    I Need Help With Hotkeys

    There are many ways to do it.. but probably most basic way which is already part of your OS(I assume) is alt+escape or alt+tab.
  23. They have stated that any extra levels would be mostly cosmetic. It would definitely not impact gameplay, but would add ornaments, ceremonial gear, new options for merchant mode(?) and so forth. I'm fairly sure that means no extra spell points, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  24. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for them to do a mix of both.. Give new ranks/levels depending on how much exp you already have over level 200, but with rapidly diminishing returns. That way people with more exp get something out of it, but they don't have to balance for the teeny tiny minority of players who have 300-700 billion exp. Then, moving forward, players could accumulate new exp/ranks after the update at the same rate.
  25. Well crap. This could actually be decent. I'm glad to see that they also recognize already existing 200s with tons of exp as a serious issue. It will be interesting to see this pan out. That said, I really hope they don't actually call the new levels "201, 202, 203" etc, but some sort of seperate level or rank instead.