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Everything posted by Snarkles

  1. Snarkles

    Spell Variants

    Well scroll up juuuust a little, I was quoting ElMat, who was referring to something lichen said. That's all. :P
  2. Snarkles

    Spell Variants

    Does that sounds Massively boring to anyone else? Not gaining range on utility spells like tortoruga, transposition, blow, shields and buffs, etc. God I really hope they don't go through with this update.. and if they do this all at once(sac+prestige level+spell system change) I honestly might just quit.. or take another year break. That said, pokemon sun/moon is almost out, so like when X/Y came out, I'm probably going to not be playing anyway. :P (and don't get me started on how much i hate half the changed in S/M T_T)
  3. Snarkles


    Yeah I actually played witht he steam client and 1) hilariously, the steam overlay applied itself to the uplauncher.. not the actual game window, rofl 2)I didn't get any achievements on steam (not that I care, just sharing. there are 1400+ achievements, I really couldn't care less if they were on steam)
  4. Snarkles

    Spell Variants

    Giving a build a new attack, especially aoe, does alter gameplay. Furthemore, look at this quote taken directly from lichen's post. So yes, I actually can "complain" about them. :) Let me just reiterate though: I'm not against adding new mechanics or gameplay to the current classes. What I'm against is a pseudo spell deck system (which wakfu has), which aims to force the player into making a conscious decision about what their character will be capable of in any given fight. My argument is that we already have an approximation of this, in the form of spell leveling, base stats, and equipment, which effectively makes some spells better than others. You don't see agi/int cras using destructive or punitive arrow really, for example. I'm all for adding some variation or specialization to classes by modifying spells, but not in the way that AG has proposed. That's why I used Tortoruga as an example of spell variants I think would add specialization, but not different enough from each other that they're different spells or mechanics. o/
  5. Snarkles

    Spell Variants

    Here is what I just posted on the OF, in regards to lvl 200+, spell variants, and the removal of spell levels. Thoughts?
  6. Snarkles

    Emotes and positioning in fights

    Yes, that would be great.
  7. Snarkles

    Banned for two hours?

    Woops, sorry about that, misclicked.
  8. Snarkles


    Let the hype begin anew. (oh dang, kaitah's art isn't showing in my sig :<)
  9. Snarkles

    Does it make sense to come back?

    Hey Sam, Many people solo-account - it's not unheard of. You'll need to make good friends, but that should be true of everyone. :) Rosal is definitely smaller than it used to me, but I wouldn't say it's dead. People have been saying it for many years though. xP (we need to keep in mind that we won't know what will happen when Dofus goes on Steam in the US next week) Sadidas are definitely not shit. They went through an interesting revamp this past year and get stronger and better as the fight goes on. Classes that are good in pvm are.. the usual, sram, iop, cra, panda, enu, eni(also revamped and really strong now).. that is to say, most any class. :P You can't really go wrong, so just pick your favourite and go with it.
  10. Snarkles


    This is a really short timeline, all things considered. I just want to remind everyone to treat new players well - that doesn't mean leeching them, because they need to be able to enjoy and explore the game just as we have - but it does mean giving advice and being supportive. :P
  11. Posted on: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/586568-dofus-steam-ny-comic No, you're not dreaming: what you see appearing out of the steamy mist – built on the strength of 12 years of work, 12 gods and numerous dragons – is DOFUS, the MMORPG ready to take on the world. And it hasn't come alone... DOFUS on Steam DOFUS will arrive very soon on Steam, probably before 2017. This is a change of direction for our MMORPG because it is going to open us up to a whole new audience. Woo-hoo! No major changes for you guys, except the possibility to play on servers with more players, which can only make the game better. But wait, there's more good news: in addition to Dofus on Steam for the English-speaking community, it will be also be accompanied by... *drum roll please*... the film, DOFUS Book I: Julith! The feature film will actually come free with certain packs on the video game platform. There will be other ways to obtain the film as well. We'll have more information about that in the next few weeks (the suspense!)... The launch on Steam is a huge development for us. It's like a second launch, a return to our origins, but in a new territory with a totally fresh and active new community to reinforce our loyal community (you guys!). Spread the news to as many people as possible and we'll see everybody in the game really soon to celebrate the new developments in your favorite MMO! DOFUS at New York Comic Con We are really getting closer to our English-speaking community in the second half of 2016! Ankama will be at this important international event to meet professionals in the scene and show them what we can do. We're counting on you to come along and support us if you can! We will be presenting DOFUS Touch (available on tablets and smartphones) and Krosmaga, the card game of the gods, which will be available in the world very soon (maybe on Steam too…).
  12. Snarkles

    Dofus on STEAM!!! and NY Comic-Con

    I'm not sure.. I think it did an awful lot at first, afterwards, I think it died down (influx-wise). But that's true for all Steam games. What's most important is the marketing-the advertisement. Plenty of games are put out on that platform or others and just sit there, and people will just occasionally stumble across it. works fine for me.. but strangely, it's not an OF post (can't comment on it) and it's on the dofus_En site only.
  13. Snarkles

    Dofus on STEAM!!! and NY Comic-Con

    In a nutshell: -Dofus will be on steam, "probably before 2017". For us this means nothing different, except more new players. (Too good to be true?!) -The Dofus Julith movie will also be available on steam, as well as be part of sub packs or something. Note that they've already made the Wakfu series specials available there, so this isn't new territory for them. -They'll be at Comic-Con in NY, showing Dofus Touch and Krosmaga, their digital card game. -->This ties in with what Izmar(?) said much earlier this year about a secret plan to bring in new players.
  14. Snarkles

    Random Screenshots

    Weak. You need this. >:O
  15. Snarkles

    Osamodas Revamp

    You left out how you were able to OHKO me with a single spell. ^^ Really though, Osas, the version I saw on beta at least, are pretty fantastic. Unless they get to control summons once per turn, or something similar however, then summons will always be a double-edged sword in places like count, where attacking can have unintended consequences. I think one way that this is addressed with the osa revamp is that summons are far more recyclable! They can used to transform, they can be used to swap with, they can be made invuln and die the next round, and as we saw in beta, they can be sacrificed to heal to great effect. Having black summons to be used as a resource was an interesting addition.
  16. Snarkles

    2.36 beta changelog

    Certainly not the biggest.. the most visual change, sure, maybe. They've had complete redesigns of old areas, too. :P Personally, I'm fine with the interface, I just hope more options are added, and there's more room for customization later on. Even after this update, they're going to keep working on improving interfaces and whatnot, it's not like this is it.
  17. Snarkles

    Osamodas Revamp

  18. :P Thanks for the post, I was about to translate it from the french post. Dx
  19. To answer my own question above: here's what was/is on the calendar.
  20. Snarkles

    Kaitah's Art

    Definitely interesting. (welcome back~) Is there a bit of focus blur/ink depth to that picture or are my eyes tired? I'm guessing that's what you mean by sketchy lines. :P It's hard to say if it works well or not.. I guess I'll just need to have more art of Snark before I can judge properly. ;D
  21. So, what was the dungeon thing going to be anyway? Another new dungeon? Or more along the lines of new features added to dungeons in general?
  22. Snarkles

    What languages do you speak?

    "I'm fluent in Sarcasm lololol funny right?" -Snark was then shot and dragged into a dark alleyway, never to be seen again. I speak french and english... technically french is my native tongue, but these days I never use it, except if I'm reading something dofus-related, something in the news, or comedians on youtube, if I'm honest. I know some spanish, heard it growing up through family and classes, but it never really stuck. It helps that it's very similar to french, and as a result i can understand it pretty well, but I can't/refuse to speak it. :P I watched a shit ton of anime w/ subs and took a couple japanese classes, does that count??
  23. Snarkles

    What's your favorite class?

    About as expected, Sacrier being #1. ;D I'd say it's a combination of having a good name, interesting art and concept, and the general fun of playing a tanky survival character. My favourite was initially Osamodas probably, starting way back during Beta, and I'd still say they're my second favourite to this day.
  24. Snarkles

    Julith Set/cape

    Any update on this? :P
  25. Farming souls and some mats, as well as bread is a good start. I suggest trying out treasure hunting as well. ^^