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  1. RIP Please help her family if you are able to.
  2. Again, thanks for the event. :)
  3. Thanks for all the updates, Graves. This is an interesting development if anything. (also, I voted~ Feca, Osa, Sadi, Sram for me ^^)
  4. Honestly the game so far sounds good, but not fun. It seems like they want to modernize/simplify dofus arena in the end, and i wish they would do just that. (Or let me play that first version of dofus arena, it was so much fun...)
  5. The Abyssal Dofus guide is now live! https://abyssaldofus.tumblr.com/ As of writing this, just the first achievement is complete/public, but I'll be adding to it regularly. Possibly daily for a bit, thought I'm not sure because I'm just finding myself low on time. I only really have Tuesdays completely off. ~_~
  6. I've been doing a lot of prep work for Abyssal/Ecaflipus/Ivory guides-and a lot more minor cosmetic changes to the guides in general. Turquoise guide is now at http://turquoisedofus.tumblr.com/ I need to remember to update all links, let me know if you find any broken ones. Also, Ivorydofus.tumblr.com is taken, if you own it or know who does, please contact me. If I cannot get th url, I'll go with something different, but for now it will be a while before I start to publish posts on it. Before then I need to do alignment quests, which is a whole ot
  7. Definitely a simple, good idea. :)
  8. The Patreon is now live! You can sign up and everything, though my understanding is that processing won't take place until the start of the next month. https://www.patreon.com/snarklesparkles Thanks <3 I have extra shifts this month (right in the middle of my days off) so it'll be slow at first. But that's how I want it, slower and steadier should make it less taxing on me. I think I want to start with the first branch of the Abyssal Dofus (need a fresh character for that), clean up some errors due to changes in the game, and begin Ivory. ^^
  9. The Patreon is now live! You can sign up and everything, though my understanding is that processing won't take place until the start of the next month. https://www.patreon.com/snarklesparkles
  10. I figured it would be best if I put the post under my Artist Cove thread, here's the link. Please share it so it gets traction! Thanks <3
  11. As detailed in my post the other day, I am back in business for guides, and starting up a Patreon!! :D If you've never heard of it, Patreon is essentially a service that helps creators get funding, and helps creators easily reward their patrons. It will officially launch September 1st, but until then it will be available as a preview. It’s the first public draft after a LOT of thought and getting feedback from friends. Suggestions and feedback for the rewards, goals, anything really, would be much appreciated. Here is the preview: https://patreon.com/preview/8d6880b01ea54dadb8f0033a8088
  12. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. :) You know, people mention that from time to time, and I always forget I even made it. ._. That sinking feeling when you've been confused for someone else... I did Divine Dimensions/Kwismas/Vulk/Dofi quests, but not Ice Dofus :/...
  13. Hello everyone on Imps~ I just wanted to make a post detailing a few things on why I've been on breaks this year and the last, why I am back, and finally what my plans are, because I have some announcements I think many would be interested in. :) I've been playing for a long, long time now, and pretty steadily, with few breaks. In the last couple years though, that changed, and I found on break more often than not, and even avoiding logging on. There are many reasons for this really.. but the main ones are that I was adjusting to new work,schedule, changes in my life, bothered by certai
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