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  1. Here's a B-2 Stealth Bomber project I completed last night for fun: From below during the day, its outline is clear: ...but at night, it's nigh invisible! :) A view from farther away: It required almost 700 Obsidian (12 stacks) to make. I mined out all but one of the required blocks while watching T.V. :D Dimensions: Width: 53 blocks Length: 21 blocks Height: 4 blocks So yes, that makes it life-size.
  2. Post immediately after his initial guts post: :lol:
  3. Daaaammmmnnnn this site is kickass! Thanks! :lol: Holy shit dude! For reals?! That's insane! :)
  4. You'd be surprised! :lol: Scrolling Wis to 25 at least is super easy, just grind some gobball dungeon for some nice XP, lots of other mats, and souls to sell for cash in addition to the gobball horns you need to scroll Wis. In fact, I generally scroll Wis to 25 even if I'm not scrolling anything else on the char... because I know it will make a big difference in the long run while I wait to scroll, for a minimal cost. :) Your Cawwot Dofus is fine btw, I wouldn't worry about upgrading it. Your other gear looks good too, I can't see too many upgrades in the Wis department without nerfing your
  5. If you've scrolled Agility, scrolling some Wis would help you greatly. As would acquiring a Cawwot Dofus if you don't have one (or a better one if yours is crappy). Besides this, there are plenty of good items at your level that give decent Wis in addition to good Agi, I recommend looking into Royal Coco Blop items (they're great for srams anyway) and Barbrossa's Hat in particular. EDIT: I can't see your gear because I'm f2p! :lol:
  6. There's your problem! :lol: What gear are you using currently?
  7. I would seriously recommend trying Otomai Grass Plains.
  8. If you link to the image directly, then no, it doesn't matter what you use. I'm talking about when people link to the page where the image is located. Try going HERE as opposed to HERE, and see how much longer ImageShack takes to load. Then see how much longer it takes to get the full size image. Now granted, his image is way larger than mine. But still... once you're on Photo Bucket, the full image is loaded and you can switch back and forth from full size to scaled with no lag whatsoever. Image Shack has to load a whole new page every time, and you won't even be able to get the full-size i
  9. Yeah, I guess it's whether you're linking directly or not. It just seems like whenever I have to go to the site for Image Shack I'm always bombarded by tons of lag and ads everywhere, whereas it's really easy to organize photos on Photo Bucket, and not super laggy when accessing the site. I personally like to keep and organize my photos in albums and such, and photo bucket is really good for that while still giving you the ability to use direct links. Plus, the direct links actually make sense instead of being filled with random codes and numbers. If you just want to link a screenshot on a
  10. Ugghhhhh... why do so many people use image shack? It sucks so much ass... And to not even display the picture, but make me go to the actual site? I can't be bothered to take the time to load all this stupid shit just to see one screenshot, sorry. :D Photo Bucket is like 100000x better. :o
  11. Sacrier of Steel! :D Definitely the first time I've liked a single-color scheme. Very nice, and surprisingly creative! :o
  12. Awesome build? Yes. Especially for PvP. Totally different build than what he was going for? Most definitely. :)
  13. Why does he need two Enis if he has an Int Osa? :)
  14. It takes no damage. Ever. Probably increases all other elemental resistances by 50% per hit too... so it's probably not a good idea. :)
  15. Note that the Companion Cube is right next to the Borg Cube! The creator's quote: "Resistance is... cute!"
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