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  1. Well, we can still be decent people and use spoiler tags so nobody has episodes ruined for them. :3
  2. The premiere date for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra has been announced -- Friday, September 13th at 7:00pm EDT on Nickelodeon, a change from Book 1's airing schedule which was on Saturday mornings. I wanted to create a second topic for Book Two so people do not have to ruffle through ten or more pages to try to find out when Book One ends and this one begins. So, here we can discuss everything we have in mind for this second season! :D If anyone has any information that will spoil any part of the second season PLEASE place said information in spoiler tags. This especially goes for once the season has actually started and we are getting into the discussion about the newest aired episodes. People may not have seen the episodes yet. We had some spoilers not tagged as spoiler information for season one and a few people got upset. :P For anyone that does not know how to use spoiler tags here are some directions: Type [spoler] Enter your information here [/spoler] I used spoler instead of spoiler so the tags would not activate. To use them, you would obviously spell spoiler correctly. :) I can't wait for season two!! I will do my best to keep this up to date with relevant information. :)
  3. I think I care more about my money than not being able to play anything Ankama made.
  4. This is not my first time buying Ogrines. Also, I stopped using my cards online for security purposes. I went through Paypal. Are you fucking serious? >.> SO they can NOT give me my shit, but if I take my money back because I did NOT get what I payed for, I GET BANNED? I will say it again, EFF You See Kay Ankama.
  5. I bought 11,000 Ogrines and they have not been poured into my account. I have been charged the money and not received the items I payed for. I sent a ticket (>.>) to support with all of the information and there is no response... What can I do? Can I put a claim on this with Paypal and have them put a hold on the money? Or contact my bank and have them deny the charges? Because I am pissed and do not want to pay for something I am not going to get..... All I can say is fuck Ankama. They have shitty support, and a shitty site. If it does not work then they need to fix the shit.
  6. Why were people on Nox banned? Edit: Damn phone. >.>
  7. Ppfff no. I used to, but it got boring really fast.
  8. I did that, and I quit Wakfu within two or three months compared to my multiple year Dofus record. Wakfu has the same problems as Dofus, only worse. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I died laughing.
  9. And to think I was considering returning to Dofus. :3 Thank you for removing the urge from me Ankama. :D
  10. It was just an example of how powerful shield spells can be ballanced out. :3
  11. I think Spell Rebound should reflect ALL spell effects back at the caster. Whether it is an un-bewitchment, an attempt at removing ap, mp, or range, or even healing or buffs. If it is a spell that reflects ALL spells, it needs to reflect buffs as well. I think that would be a good way of balancing it. I mean, that is how most other games "shields" work. I just recently played the game Dragon Age for the first time ever, and there is a spell that protects against all magical effects, whether they are from friend or foe. There are similar examples from other games, but I am just too tired to remember them. So, you cannot be healed or buffed, but neither can you be harmed. It would be great for strategy.
  12. Holy hell... It looks amazing...
  13. I saw Cloud Atlas today. I liked it, but if you are not good at following plots, do not watch this movie. Hugo Weaving at a woman though... had me cracking up.
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