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  1. Gob

    Post your goals and achievements

    first day back. first million k
  2. Gob

    Now Playing, Share your musical tastes!

  3. Gob

    Now Playing, Share your musical tastes!

    <333333333333333333333 8======D
  4. Gob

    Kralove - safe spots

    Yeah that pic was used before soothing update, just place a summon in front and the setup works fine
  5. how often do abandoned properties go up for sale?
  6. Gob

    Show off your new colours

    Ok, ty for noticing I have a different taste to others u fuckin jebend (yes i'm colourblind but that's beside the point). now where can i see your totally not copying someone else's neutral colour scheme?
  7. Gob

    Random Screenshots

    Attack multiple prisms :-(
  8. Gob

    Random Screenshots

    when did this happen? :( :( <_< :unsure: :unsure:
  9. Gob

    Show off your new colours

    yeeeeee, my favourite colours by far :) <- although i still do quite like that colour scheme