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  1. Any idea for 200 Xelor with all Dofus but Vulbis for a Chance-AP removal set that does not include new kitty items?
  2. Well, this looks great! As if anyone would want to bother with ActionScript :P This is something Blizzard can do, but with Ankama's history I doubt they can get a module system working that's not full of security holes. It would take them just too much time.
  3. Joim

    Day 1

    I'd recruit people, form a powerful guild and alliance and own the server.
  4. I want to single account, so, what is the best option that's fun in pvp and usable at least in pvm? I was thinking on Sram since Iop is too cookie cutter for me.
  5. >see weapon modifiers >remember the good times™ >cry
  6. Joim

    BETA 2.33

    I'm gonna change class too. Was fun while it lasted. So... Iop, Eca, or Panda? :^)
  7. So what if it's fast? 199-200 was incredibly boring and changed nothing. It's only there so you have to grind mindlessly and boringly to be able to get actual decent gear to be able to try endgame content.
  8. Sacrier revamp so I can be a sac again pls
  9. Joim

    BETA 2.33

    So, are Cras gonna be useful for once (besides Nidas)?
  10. Joim

    BETA 2.33

    I can play again now.
  11. Joim

    BETA 2.33

    -The malus of experience and loot during successive battles carried on the same card is removed. Hehe hi farming
  12. My bet is that they'd re-scale level 199-200, which would be current raw 200 would be like 215~220, and make the rest of the levels scalable. That means most people would be insta 250 even if they'd been 90% to guild for years.
  13. Joim

    Dofus 3.0 in 3D

    >at this rate >3d may come in 2019, the earliest
  14. Hey, if the level cap is raised and every level is not as shit as 199-200, I will be fully back :P
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