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  1. Yo what's up Naso, it's been a while you should totally get on the tft hype with me, ranked is out tomorrow for it drop me a pm though with your discord server as I'm sure you have one lol let's see if you can convince me to play Ilyzaelle. Sunny.
  2. Hey, I've got an AP Hairsh for sale atm in the market if you would like to PM to discuss an offer? It meets the requirements that you are looking, been trying to PM you in game but seem to miss you when I'm on. Sunny ~
  3. Hello fellow Impsvillagers, For anyone looking to find some information on Rhineetles I have found a pretty helpful webpage with some decent information which you can find in this post below. Just thought I would share with you guys as it helped me understand a lot as a returning old player who hasn't been around for a minute. https://gamerdiscovery.com/dofus-rhineetle-guide/ Sunny.
  4. I had the same issue when I downloaded the game and it took me about 5 times to figure it out as I couldn't launch after the initial run or sometimes fail the update too haha. The solution for my fix was after you download the client itself (the 40mb or w.e), open the .dmg file as normal. When it then creates the Dofus file above it, drag that icon into your applications folder. Once you have done that, drag and remove/delete the .dmg file and empty the trash. Now you can open the Dofus file in your applications where it downloads the full game/installs updates. The er
  5. Time sure does past by quickly, can't believe it's been 5 years since I quit this game. I would imagine my play time to be similar to Joystick and Bluczes however over a longer period of time haha. If only Ankama didn't suck at bringing out new attractive content which lead to a sense of achievement to keep me around. Sunny.
  6. Happy Birthday Sunny!

  7. My list for Rosal, I probably could name Rushu players as I was there before but my post for Rosal is nostalgic enough as it is lol. Eca: Picasso - Dominated PvP (Old School) Bluczes - Partner in crime at Goult Naso - Definition of an Icon for intel ecas Sram: Zoro - Dominated PvP (Old School) Diokeria - Can't for the life remember how to spell his name, old school sram from ussr who was the first level 100 tailor and had the secret chest on lock underneath treechnid forest because he knew the respawn time set to him killing it lol Veldin - PvM/Achievement Whore
  8. This post has no intension of belittling your service/skill/work but just an FYI if you used the heal stat as a sink buffer your maging would of been a lot easier and you would of been able to max the res too, assuming the person didn't want heals. Maybe that's what you did and it fell off last and I will stand corrected but on another note when you offer a maging service, it's very good meeting a customers needs (asked for 6 res) but you should have your own high standards that come with every mage without the customer asking for it (over deliver). That way you build a reputation (Rep = €$£)
  9. Quitting dofus is easy swing, look at myself! I've been off this game for a good year now =>. It's only hard is you are weak like Matt lol. Giving your stuff away or keeping them makes no difference to be honest because let's be honest, if you wanted to play again even if you had nothing it would take a month max to regear yourself. You're right though, this game is not the same anymore and at end game level there simply isn't enough challenging things worth doing. Good luck in real life though and hopefully you can find something else to fill the gap dofus will leave. Sunny.
  10. Bump - I have 2 Ice Dofuses left. I've still got my hustle too I as someone decided to buy the 115mill dofus instead of the 110 or 105, thanks I guess lol. Sunny.
  11. May seem like a rip off to start with but it's how you drive prices up. If anything I'm doing the server a favor as it makes it look like their prices are really cheap and sell faster. I don't play the game anymore so it doesn't make a difference to me when I get the money. Also supply seems to be low with higher demand so it makes no sense for me to undercut or price match others atm. Sunny.
  12. Currently selling 4 Ice Dofuses on 0,1 below the dojo on my Sadida. Prices are 115mill 110mill 105mill and 100mill. First come first serve I guess. Feel free to pm me if needed to negotiate and I may change the price depending if I like you or not =>. Edit - All Sold. Sunny.
  13. Not trying to hijack your thread or anything but I will also have 4 for sale on Sunday and I don't plan to sell below 100mill unless a lot desperate people decide to drive the price down. Sunny.
  14. Sadidas before the UP change and they took range and summoned swindles that took mp back in the days when pvp was at 4,-20 (one map above asturb) bramble used to hit like a boss too with no caps. I seem to remember a time too when resistance was uncapped and fecas could get ridiculous stats and tank monsters in pvm. Sunny.
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