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  1. HAY. please tell me you're streaming goult. ;_; i'm doing mundane tasks at work.

  2. LOL sorry. i went to get dinner then passed out. if you don't see me on today/tomorrow just leech yourselff! gotta get to 199/200. gogo

  3. Do you have trouble finding a group? Have you defeated Kolosso, but are you stuck in Celestial Bearbarian? I'm here to help! From today until the release of Frigost 3, I'm offering my assistance to help take you through every Frigost dungeon so you too can enjoy everything Frigost 3 has to offer! The price: It's free! But because the Bunch of Keys is not unlimited, you must provide my characters with a key to the dungeon you wish to run. I will bring seven characters, unless you want to bring two or more of your own. You may also keep the resources you drop. For further information and if you have any questions, shoot me a message in-game (Ralfeh) or at my Ankabox (Ralfedeh). I'm usually online between the hours of 21:00 and 12:00 DUT (Dofus Universal Time).
  4. Show off your new colours

    I loved my Iop's color so much that I decided to copy it on my other characters. Plus, Ogrines were selling 700 for 140,000 Kama today (45% off!). No way I could pass that up. New: Old: Even older:
  5. I guess Ill put a ticket in anyway, some other thing I found person said they said theres nothing they can do. I doubt they even have them on file still. I guess we'll see

  6. Aww, your characters didn't get transferred to Dofus 2.0? You should send a ticket to Ankama. Since it was their fault your characters were deleted, they might restore them both.

  7. Ive already tried that, says I have no characters to restore.

    theres something saying you can't restore character that didnt get transfered to dofus 2.0 and mine didnt.

  8. sad day, my 150 iop\xelor with scrolled wisdom got deleted.

  9. I'm sure you could get good money working the corner :/