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  1. <Serryl> I tried to join #NSA on Rizon <Serryl> "YOU (Serryl) have been booted from #NSA by |Glorious_Failure| (You are not permitted to be on this channel.)" <Azaelya> hahahahaha <Kevvles> Lawl <Kevvles> I got banned <Serryl> dat security clearance <Azaelya> amazing
  2. So you need something right now, but you're on a tight budget. Personally, I consider a tight budget to be $500 or less when it comes to portable computing. Even that's a bit high nowadays, but lets roll with it. I'm mostly going to address new products. Refurbished are an option, but my experience with them has been hit or miss. I will say that I've tended to notice any serious issues within the warranty period. I'll also note that I've never paid for a laptop. People tend to just give me old or broken ones for free, which I then fix up and use. It's old tech, but if it works, it works ^_^
  3. First, I rarely carry any cash on me (for better or worse). Second, if I had something of value and it wasn't...say...hidden in my shoe, then I'd certainly hand it over before risking my life. I'd only risk my life if my safety or the safety of those I was with was put in danger.
  4. Happy birthday, old man.

  5. <Serryl-Work> Hey....I'm just tired is all <Missile> you always reply with that face when I greet you with a snarky comment <Serryl-Work> you just bring out the best in me <Fyorl> s/e/ea/ <Elusial> Fyorl thought Serryl-Work meant: you just bring out thea best in me <Fyorl> dammit <Serryl-Work> lol <Missile> fyorl making a mistake using his own coded stuff <Missile> well that's a rare sight Background Info: Elusial is Fyorl's incredibly syntax-obsessed IRC bot. Normally the rest of us enter incorrectly formatted commands, while Fy
  6. <Inoku> Serryl <Erin> ruggur hungry <Serryl> ruggur come visit <Inoku> You sent me to a site that said "Select a Language" at the top <Inoku> and what followed was COMPUTER LANGUAGES <Serryl> SWEET REVENGE <Kevvles> lol =-= YOU (Serryl) have been booted from #impsvillage by Inoku (HULK SMASH)
  7. Ode To Oren Ishii by The RZA Bon Appetite Boy revenge is so sweet Especially when it's served on a cold dish But she has no wish But to cut yo day short Like the winter solstice Seven by Army of the Pharaohs From the days of slaves To hurricanes in Orleans See my people's grapes floatin' amongst the waves It's hell to pay, what? The devil don't take cheques I tried to send a message to God His phone don't take texts Yesterday by Atmosphere I'm sorry, it's official I was a fist-full, I didn't keep it simple Chip on the shoulder, anger in my veins Had so much hate,
  8. A man with a dark past.. (and everything else)

  9. <rugger> I'll be in your porn <rugger> I love Calvin and Hobbes
  10. <Robbeh> teaspoon is a measurement used in cooking <Robbeh> it's about 10 mils <Pete> a tablespoon is one of those bigass <Pete> tablespoons <Robbeh> sorry <Pete> er <Robbeh> 5 mils <Pete> what's the smaller ones called <Pete> I dunno <Robbeh> teaspoon <Serryl> teaspoon? <Robbeh> tea <Robbeh> spoon <Serryl> xD <Robbeh> FUCKING <Pete> nah bigger than that <Robbeh> TEASPOON YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT <Tentacles1> even smaller than a teaspoon is <Serryl> soup spo
  11. Thanks Roll! I've been wanting DEFCON since it came out years ago, and I was planning on donating to Child's Play anyway. This worked out very nicely for me ^_^
  12. Here's my zombie album Like Kevin, I'll decide on a pic once we have more submissions. For now, browse away ^_^ Annnnnd that was fast! I've made my selection and chosen one that was edited slightly by rugger.
  13. <Tentacles> it's ok I like dicks <Roll> a bit is broken off
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