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  1. I don't get to see you anymore as the years have passed. Missed ya Caj! You're still a creepur 😄

  2. Because most of the previously active posters don't play anymore.
  3. Protagonist here (ENFJ) huehue
  4. No clue about your chars, haven't played in ages myself, glad to see you're still alive and kicking though!
  5. You're not allowed to be surprised by having no response for 12 hours after playing for as long as you have, you fruitcake! :P Also, howdy.
  6. Yup, the prerequisite quest to get the Meridia costume/mount is the 360 token one for the relic emblem.
  7. Well, they seem to have learned that a rollback is unavoidable in these situations this time around, at least. Not sure how much more of this can Wakfu endure... Especially if handled like the last couple of times it happened (where there was no rollback)
  8. You will not find those in Wakfu.
  9. Can check a marketboard in any nation (all nation markets and the Srambad one are linked together, Kelba and HW markets are separate from them but also linked together, and Astrub market is separate also), but the figurine supply has been dropping since they made krosboxes no longer obtainable in-game a couple months ago. Depending on the server, the Kelba marketboard might be worth a check, too. You can additionally roam around and look through merchant bags in hot spots such as nation outposts and Almanax temple. Keep in mind that the figurines you'll find are limited to the season 1 roster, perhaps with some odd additions like Count Harebourg and Captain Amakna and etc, not really sure if they fall under season 2, just remember they added like 5 new ones to the initial number of figurines available in the boxes. If all else fails, you can always try the trade channel around Almanax. Hopefully they haven't completely disappeared off the boards and you can get your hands on some.
  10. You guys crack me up with these hidden names every so often, good to see some new folk getting into the game though. On a semi-related note, Tone's ??? eca project seems to have a very bright future according to the beta. :lol:
  11. I'm very, very worried about this. Hopefully beta will really be updated tomorrow and not be as derpy as usual so we can really fiddle with this thing. On one hand, being able to switch around your build is nice, but then how many encounters do you really need to do that for? Yeah, not that many. In case we simply have to because we can't have all the hitting/utility spells we want in our bar anymore, despite perhaps being able to max them. Also from the sound of it, you'd have to put a ton of work in spell levelling action to have builds to switch to begin with, unless this new spell xp shizzle makes it far much easier than it is now. I do sort of like the idea of being able to max a ton of spells again though - 2012 here we are again. No matter what I don't see how this won't be limiting compared to now, the question is to what extent. I weep for fecas/xelors and any elemental utility-heavy character, seriously. Also really not digging the sound of this splitting up passives. Like, what? Passives we have now will be split into two instead, requiring more space to achieve the same result? This "your spells will almost be the same in strenght as before when maxed" or something along those lines in one of the OF thread is worrying too, in regards to the specialities I think it was. Minor nerf to specialities because we're not 200 yet? What? But yeah, this is all speculative as hell. Really need to try this out extensively during the weekend hopefully, I'm very far from being convinced this is in for the better as it stands now. And Ankama's general awkwardness about explaining things isn't helping, either. These spell modifiers sound interesting, I must admit. Just the whole limiting aspect of it all is the point that stands out to me the most, after doing some simple math of how many spells I use myself, on some characters. This will hit elemental utility guys hard. My tribrid enu on the other hand couldn't care less about this change, unless they split up my passives into 15, or something. Guess we'll know more tomorrow. Hope for the best! EDIT: Adding to the wall of text
  12. Depends what you'd mostly be doing or desired team init order if any. Initiative does nothing else but make you go before other people, which is good for PvP for example, or if you want to go in a specific order within your team. Lock is solid to help with some Flaming procs if you go that route. Dodge is nice for ... dodging I guess. I personally dumped in the lock/dodge one. Don't think there is a wrong choice here, to be honest.
  13. The difficult part about newly revamped classes is that all of their specialities (especially passives) are awesome as hell, and you totally want all of them. Depends on your playstyle more or less, but some are not worth maxing compared to maxing something else. Increase for example is fine at level 6 for me personally. Resist wise you'll want to just go through all of the gen dmg/ele res ones to even your res out. Just spread points evenly between the dmg/res ones, they all give the same amount of general damage and the same amount of a different ele res, even them. Not sure what point in the game you're in but items have 2 or 3 at most elemental resistances from xelorium upwards, as opposed to just general resistance to all elements all previous items carry. Gets a bit trickier to even your res out with this gear but not really necessary unless you're a hardcore pvp monkey (as if those even exist in this game..). Just read what spells do and decide what you'll make use of the most and go from there. Personally I think Jump, Focus, Virility, Authority, Show off and Compulsion are the most useful ones to have maxed out early. That being said Increase, Standard and Locking pro are rather nice too, but don't need to be maxed ASAP to make use of them. Definitely max crits and block in stats though, dump rest into crit dmg when you cap them out. Don't really want to go into further details since I've barely played my Iop for quite some time. Maybe someone who's got one that hasn't been 150 for the last 3 months is better to pitch in here. I'm proabably the only person in this game who has a Iop and Rogue on the same account and opts to use the latter. Granted the grind to 175 doesn't make me particularly excited about using Iop more, too. :P Also, you've picked a really strange time to ask for build advice with this spell deck nonsense around the corner. :wacko: Really hoping it's not as limiting as it sounds. Hope that helped a little.
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