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  1. I don't get to see you anymore as the years have passed. Missed ya Caj! You're still a creepur 😄

  2. No clue about your chars, haven't played in ages myself, glad to see you're still alive and kicking though!
  3. You're not allowed to be surprised by having no response for 12 hours after playing for as long as you have, you fruitcake! :P Also, howdy.
  4. As the title suggests, selling a fiery egg. Price is 33 mil (negotiable). Merch can be found around the village by the name of Cajunh. If you're interested but can't find my merchant or whatever, send me a message on IV.
  5. If you're referring to makabra weapons, yes, that fluke didn't last long IIRC. Makabras are pretty worthless now, they're a thing of the past. They seem to have been something forced by SE, since Ankama stopped making new ones shortly after the split. There are tons of better weapon options you can drop or craft.
  6. #2: Intrusion 2: 82VZ7-LVITH-9YI4E Redeemed, thanks! Happy holidays!
  7. Caj is such a creeper c:

  8. BalkanPride, funny guy, used to live in kimbo with him back in the day.
  9. What an unpleasant surprise. I was really hoping for Holland to win the darn thing this time around, after coming so close last time and performing so nicely in pretty much all of their matches now. I'm sure exhaustion had it's say too. Two back to back 120 minute penalty games is no joke, especially with the prize in arms reach. Sneijder was really off his game. I feel especially sorry for Cillessen. He cried after they pulled him out for Krul last game, now it ends in tears for him again after failing to save any penalty shot. :( Oh, well. Time to root for Germany!
  10. Yup, I started feeling sorry for them around the 6th goal. Good thing Germany wasn't particularly serious shortly after that point, otherwise it would have probably gone much further. At first I was pretty ecstatic because Brazil didn't deserve to get anywhere near as far as they did, but then thinking about how passionate their fans are and all the shit that is about to go down because of this beat down... I'm honestly expecting murders and suicides at this point, but really hope nothing too severe happens. Now hoping the Netherlands wreck Messi & friends tomorrow and we're off to a very
  11. GG Holland, almost got me worried there. Very good last minute call, indeed. I've been rooting for them since the very start. All 3 previous matches in the quarter finals were pretty disappointing if you ask me. Both France vs Germany and Argentina vs Belgium were incredibly dull, and I couldn't believe the mistakes Belgium made, but I guess their inexperience was at play there, sadly. The Brazil - Columbia one was hardly a match, too. It was more of a melee/pissing contest. Silva's douchebaggery/idiocy also seems to know no bounds. Brazil is failing to live up to it's former glory in my eyes
  12. Ah, yes. The trade image didn't load for me when I was posting so just noticed the "sell krameleon" bit. I guess that guy is into the all time scam classics.
  13. If this is of any relevance to anyone trying to figure out who this guy is, assuming they made this account, they are Bulgarian. I figured I'd share since there's been very few of us in the world of twelve throughout the years to my knowledge, might help in narrowing down the list dramatically since this guy obviously knows someone who knows someone or w/e. "ti si mnogo tup" means you are very stupid. EDIT: Just re-read the couple previous comments and I don't quite understand how selling a krameleon is evidence of anything, but whatever. At the very least, the seller is Bulgarian. :P
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