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  1. Yes! I'm not alone around here! It was awesome meeting you in game, Tweak!
  2. Hello Imps people! Somehow I remembered about this game and how I loved lurking on these forums. Any old timers still around? I can't believe It's been sooo long (it's been 10 (?) years since I stopped playing). This is such a bitter-sweet feeling. I'm glad the forums still exist but they feel so empty.. I even subscribed for a week (for nostalgic reasons only!), and... everything is new and old at the same time. Sigh.. just felt like stopping by and say hi. ~Hiroe
  3. Hiroe


    for sure I will try them out when the time comes! xD and I miss SE! Sun look at you, a mod on imps! glad to hear from you <3 Hey man, Dofus was a great way for me to spend and enjoy my spare time for a long time, which I'm sure it's the case for many of the people still playing it (for fun, not for making real money out of it) - playing videogames in your free time is not uncommon - not even for grownups. People have different hobbies, different interests. These interests can change (like mines did), but I wouldn't put them on a scale and say, this is better and this is not. Whateve
  4. Hiroe


    Oi folks.. how's it going? Not sure how many people from 2 years ago (when I kind of stopped playing) still play and/or remember me, but I just wanted to say hi! 
 Funny thing is, I subbed at some point for a ridiculous period of time in hopes of reaching those cool 10 years veteran rewards (which aren't that far away now), but I guess I'll never get to enjoy them like I was thinking I would, as I don't have plans/time/will to return to the game. My time is now divided between work, travelling and a lot of outgoing (mainly to cultural events but not only). I basically went from complete anti-
  5. Ankama has become way too greedy, they have already compromised too much just to cash some more money in. i personally don't want to support this kind of company. p2w indeed.
  6. SOVIET, Samah and XxRamboPlxX are the most iconic players that come to my mind. And then a couple of other Interference and Storm Troopers players. As for my own experience, i kinda miss finch, sheildsgalore and Sawa (Satanic-Tyrant), as I spent a lot of time playing this game with them in the past.
  7. but it's not called gobba fett ? i want the year 10 set :<
  8. people are still wondering about this? >< but hey, it's not totally impossible! 1. sub for 10 years 2. build time machine, go to the future, year 2024 3. collect veteran rewards for the past 10 years! wohoo! xD
  9. are you talking about the gobball warchief petmount? i got it on both my accounts. it looks very funny when it runs. *logs into dofus account and subs for another year just to let the time pass without actually playing*
  10. absolute love! so sorry for the long wait, i've been way too busy lately D:
  11. not sure i understand your post, the quality of their updates seems pretty top notch to me ever since Dofus 2.0 / Frigost came out.. I'm actually impressed with that and can only be happy about it. It does seem they release new content *too often* and many players can't keep up with everything (including myself), but quality is there nonetheless. the trailer is awesome!
  12. i doubt you have to be p2p to get the rewards, it has nothing to do with your accumulated sub time, but that's just my guess. but i think elegast's reply is what Shadowfan was asking.
  13. interesting info, so the 6 and 9 months gifts are the cape/hat of that year's set and then for the 1 year gift there's some pet/petmount? when will each year's set/pet be revealed? :D
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