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  1. so thats 34m for a 2h work? please, pm basically anyone familiar with that dung before accepting that... or do 5 duos which price is more than fair :) (had to get that out of my head, sorry. im outa here)
  2. im in incase ur still about to do it
  3. took them way too long. (although it makes me unsure wether ill be able to solo merkator and stuff after update or not)
  4. [-17,-51] there is this guide in french: http://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/quatre-sur-six.html
  5. am I missing something or dont u still have sink for 3%crit on that?! Anyway, really cute one already now
  6. ultimate proof we need more dofus slots.
  7. lufalan

    Ask a Mage

    easy, just make the ap fall. jk, either do as q said or use an exo as sink if u really want it
  8. Achievement unlocked: Beat the French people
  9. yup, found it to be easier than imperti once u got proper equips, only took me a day compared to two :D
  10. as a first, the high price comes from effort that is required to obtain one. You have to complete all dungeons and quests from first three dimensions which is a lot of work. As you have seen,, it increases ur final damage inflicted by 20% on odd turns and reduces it by 10% on even turns. So you get an average of 5% more damage each turn since u gain more than you loose. Final damage hereby does indeed mean the damage you would deal without the cloudy, multiplied by a factor. Lets talk about pvm now. In many cases, it is nessecary to blitz a monster in one turn. A 20% extra damage helps alot here when u can use the malus turns for buffing and map manipulation. Now think of me, im a cra. I can smash all enemies with explo in first turn with increased damage for quick fights. Punitive arrow can be cast "only" every 2 turns which makes it perfect for cloudy. Iops got Sword of fate with the very same concept. I dont wanna pretend i know much about pvp, but it should be the same factors as with pvm. Blitzing chars. doing as much damage that cannot be healed within a turn. Buffing in malus turns. Surprising with even higher damage or odd turns. I wouldnt say its useful on any class (panda im thinking of you), but on some it certainly is.
  11. hehe gratz! as a little add-on, u can rather easily do statue on the same run (which makes it all achieves except duo in one run, not too bad eh)
  12. dude why u get it on a panda. No wonder its no good... go try on cra or fogger before u say its useless <3
  13. thanks @Quadro for the inspiration :D mainly int/str sram with cra skills to abuse chakra concentration and do it asap since staying alive long enough by luck is just shit...
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