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  1. DUO leeching

    so thats 34m for a 2h work? please, pm basically anyone familiar with that dung before accepting that... or do 5 duos which price is more than fair :) (had to get that out of my head, sorry. im outa here)
  2. Kralove Opening

    im in incase ur still about to do it
  3. Nomarrow exos, nice stats.

    b> Hat 2,1 Ring 0,5
  4. Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    took them way too long. (although it makes me unsure wether ill be able to solo merkator and stuff after update or not)
  5. how much for all 8667 field dung keys? need some new occupation, should keep me busy for a day.
  6. i've got two of these beauties becoming unlinked today! So im wondering what people might be paying for it / if there is an interest in it at all. it became standard equipment for my cra and fogger in pvm, but i imagine it being even haxxer in pvp and for a class like sram :D hit me up with estimations, offers and thoughts plox
  7. Any dofustese guide?

    [-17,-51] there is this guide in french: http://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/quatre-sur-six.html
  8. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    am I missing something or dont u still have sink for 3%crit on that?! Anyway, really cute one already now
  9. Post Your Interfaces!

    ultimate proof we need more dofus slots.
  10. Sorry to say so, but i don't think ur problem is the timezone.
  11. Ask a Mage

    easy, just make the ap fall. jk, either do as q said or use an exo as sink if u really want it
  12. Post your goals and achievements

    Achievement unlocked: Beat the French people
  13. Sylargh

    tell me when you will be online, ill get some chars to last meanwhile ;)
  14. B> Fish

    buying all kinds of raw fish in all quantities, 40k each. P.S. dont bother with me low amounts thx
  15. just an honest opinion, i would be surprised if this sold for more than 20m due to the low vit and missing crit. Have seen rings with full stats go for as low as 35m and there aren't many people who buy exos with such lacks in stats. Anyway, best of luck selling it. Bump!