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  1. Price: 50 mk Contact: Cicada or look for a piggy merch in village
  2. Price: 55 mk Pm: Cicada or look for merch in village
  3. Cicada


    All these international servers suck! BesT server ever: RL !! Jk. Rosal forever
  4. Cicada

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    I was ganna post these pics yesterday, but I was really sick (still am) and I ended up reading about the turq nerf and that made me sad :( Anyways, just wanted to tell a story with these exos, was sick af Monday night and didnt sleep at all. Around 6 am tuesday, I decide to cook some noodles for my cold. I had about an hour before going to work so I thought, what the heck, let's log dofus and play a bit. Decided I should just try some exos. Made a gein hat the day before for osa and wanted to play with it. Not sure how many tries for any of these guys, but total Mp tries for all 3 are 23 runes. I know this because I had 30 sig runes left before I started and I only have 7 now. So maged gein hat first, it was an okay mage :> It landed around 6-30 or 6-40 am. Not sure. When it landed I was like.. ohh I still got time to play around. So I tried this one. Recently swaped an mp age old hat for eni and took her old one to play with: Then I went to work. When I came back from work. I was suppose to nap but I wanted to see if I could land 3 exos in one day. So this happend: Was a fun day, still sick af though. Slight fever and stuff. Just wanted to share the story :3 p.s. was reading Game Board of the Gods the whole night too!
  5. Cicada

    Update 2.29: new Critical Hit system

    woo i can finally replace turq with emerald on eca! wont be so useless now
  6. Cicada

    Update 2.29: new Critical Hit system

    Once again, all my chars and all my set builds, just turned to thrash haha ....sad
  7. Cicada

    Cicada's Fan Art

    Hi Hi, haven't been drawing much, but I thought this was dofus related enough to be here :p Just a hw drawing I did during my lunch break of my fav eca nub:
  8. Cicada

    Time to Quit!

    Graattzz on getting into Uni!! Ganna be one of the great yearz of your life :>
  9. Cicada

    Veldin's Youtube Channel!

    woo, Tom too op :> But I miss sram haha
  10. Cicada

    Nyroc out

    laterz menz :p tell dez i said hi
  11. Cicada

    [Changelog] 2.27: The Web of Defeat

    RIP MASK :<
  12. Cicada

    Post your goals and achievements

    Waw Pikachu PP sets xD same as my team
  13. yeah i just tried it xD haha sorry guys i see it doesnt work. Guess i have to do it the old fashion way :(