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  1. Micro Blogs

    The angle of the ray of light in the original image is too tall for it to be passing under the stair case, and the shadow of the stair case would have been visible. What you drew also looks quite unstable.
  2. Micro Blogs

    That's a little bit of impossible architecture. Light is somehow skipping through the dark staircases behind the window.
  3. Prevent relisting on sellrooms

    I think the original suggestion's intention is to decrease the need for people to frequently adjust prices. Since the newest items at the same price are put at the end of the queue, people are encouraged to lower prices to put them at the front, and the older sellers who notice it will do the same, continuing the cycle. By randomizing items in the stack, maybe people will be more likely to set the current price instead of lower. Arguably this just means the item is too common and shouldn't be priced that high to begin with, but sometimes, the process of checking and adjusting prices is more annoying than the lost profit. Maybe the game can make it easier to for sellers to adjust prices in response to market change instead. When we log in, we already get a notification of items that were sold or returned to bank. I propose In addition, the game could show a list of items we are trying to sell, our prices, and the current cheapest prices, the remaining listed time, and allow us to adjust the price right in that window. This window would be accessible through a button at any time and not just at log in.
  4. The Hero of Plants X Veriun Dead Quest

    What do you mean by the water bubble?
  5. [HELP] Updating classes to v2.45 on DofusPlanner

    As far as I've seen it's only limited by the number of runes. And as Owyn says, each rune deals its own 10 base damage, in its own element, and is modified by stats separately.
  6. [HELP] Updating classes to v2.45 on DofusPlanner

    Runic Overcharge is 10 base damage per rune, and the damage increases with +damage and power just like usual. What do you mean by "can it stack"?
  7. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    That's unfair. It's not any easier to repeat achievements on different characters on the same account, than do it on characters on different accounts. Yeah the XP modifier helps with leveling, but in exchange you can't level up the characters at the same time. Theoretically now the achievement rewards are now limited by the number of subscriptions, but people could just subscribe one account at a time to get achievements repeatedly, if they wanted.
  8. Alignment quest help thread

    I'm looking for help with Temple of Doom, mini dungeon for Bonta quest #86 (maybe Brakmar too?). I have only one character and am on Echo.
  9. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Sure, just make them revive each other :D
  10. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Other than low level characters who scrolled many of their spells, we're not really losing anything from the spell point change. Level 200s especially are gaining access to all spells at highest levels. I do hope they'll add more rewards to make kolossokens worthwhile though.
  11. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    It's a skeleton. It's not meant to have skin :p
  12. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    For some classes, builds, and situations it's not that much of a clear choice, and the dynamic could always change depending on new gear, spells, and monsters. But as long as it's cumbersome to switch mounts, most people will still stick to only one.
  13. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    I don't think the difference of 100HP will make people who have the choice go back to dragoturkeys anyway. To make dragoturkeys more appealing, they should make it easier to switch between mounts. It's such a hassle to go to a paddock, clear the mount inventory, look for the one you want to use among the mounts you're breeding, figure out which of the button on the interface you should click because you don't use it that often, and then get back to the dungeon you were doing to do or the mob you were going to fight. So of course most people just pick the "best" mount and stick with it.
  14. Huppermage variant spells

    Here are my notes on the Huppermage spell variants so far: Direct Damage Spells Huppermage originally had 3 spells in each element: single target 3AP single target 4AP with additional effect AOE 3AP with HP steal, 1 use every other turn Their variants follow a similar system: single target 5AP, higher damage single target 4AP with additional effect single target 2AP with HP steal, 1 use per turn These spells still apply states, generate runes, and trigger elemental combo effects like the originals. The new additional effects on the category 2 variants are earth: -critical (+critical on ally), air: retreat, water: advance, fire: swap position. Air, earth, and fire builds have more long range options than before, although many of them are linear only. Water builds still have only short range spells. Air spells have earth variants and vice versa. Water spells have fire variants and vice versa. So you can now have up to 6 spells in one or two elements, at the cost of having fewer spells in other element(s). State Based Spells Courant Quadramental (Quadramental Current?): variant of Polarity. 2AP, 6 range, one use per turn. Similar element-dependent effect as Polarity, but the earth pushback effect is only 1 cell and on entities adjacent to the target instead of the target itself, water attraction effect is also only 1 cell on entities within 1 cell of the target instead of the the target itself, and air symmetrical teleportation is for entities within 2 cells of the target instead of the caster. A fire target swaps with its closest entity (similar to Koutoulou effect). Morph: variant of Elemental Drain. 4AP, 4 range, 1 use per target. Deals about 40, 46 crit damage on target in the same element. This spell buffs itself depending on the element of the target: strength increases its use per target limit by one, air increases its range by 1, water lowers its AP cost by 1, and fire increases its base damage by 20. Each effects last two turns and can stack twice. Unlike Elemental Drain it doesn't consume the state or steal stats. Cycle Élémentair (Elemental Cycle?): variant of Contribution. 1AP, 8 range, 2 uses per target. Changes elemental state of the target, earth -> water -> fire -> air -> earth. Boucle Élémentair (Elemental Loop?): variant of Imprint. 2AP, 3 range, 2 uses per target. Deals low damage on the target based on elemental state, and then changes its state like Cycle Élémentair. Rune Based Spells Manifestation: variant of Runification. Triggers the targeted rune (like Runification but just for one rune) up to 5 range away. If the cell is empty, creates 3HP summon and at the same time applies the same effect as Courant Quadramental (Quadramental Current?). The summon dies at the start of next turn and applies elemental state to nearby enemies. Piègé Élémentair (Elemental Trap?): variant of Propagation. 3AP, 6 range modifiable. Creates a trap on top of the target rune which when triggered, applies a single target version of Propagation's rune target effect (earth -1 ub, air unable to lock, water gravity, fire half received healing). Surcharge Runique (Runic Surcharge?): variant of Runic Healing. 3AP, 5 range, 2 uses per turn. Consumes all your runes and deal their damage on the target. Répulsion Runique (Runique Repulsion?): variant of Journey. 1AP, 2 uses per turn. Consumes all your runes. Targets next to you are pushed back 2 cells per rune consumed. Other Spells Gardien Élémentair (Elemental Guardian?): variant of Elemental Shield. Summon with 4MP and deals damage to a linear target, in the same element as the target's state, or neutral if it has none. The summon gains 250% power whenever the huppermage performs a unique elemental combination. This buff is infinite, so it can stack up to 1000% power.
  15. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    I agree that Clumsiness nerf seems harsh, but it was one of the best spells in the game before, and that makes it a low-hanging fruit. The fact that it costs only 1AP and does not deal damage and thus trigger effects such as those in Koutoulou and Avarice makes it a still very good spell. Sadidas have always had more MP removal spells than Enutrofs, but have not been the go-to MP remover in hard fights because their spells are less efficient and flexible.
  16. Huppermage variant spells

    Thanks! I remember fire Courant Quadramental working that way when I tested it, but maybe it was only Manifestation. The other two spells seem much more interesting with your information.
  17. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    The new system is you have to move or stay far from monsters to avoid aggro. The "immunity" is supposed give you a little time when you don't have to move, but it won't be extended if you stay still.
  18. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    The shield points given have increased from about 50 points to about 180 points. Yay!
  19. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

  20. Spell Variants

    Yeah, even one more fire damage or int-based healing spell for Sadida would be nice. Also, the idea for the the doll variants (4AP to summon the same thing without a tree) is lazy. They could just make any doll spell costs 4AP but refunds 2AP if cast on a tree, and add new spells as their variants...
  21. Spell Variants

    The icon is not Infected but Ecologist state, right?
  22. Spell Variants

    Do you mean leveling after 200? Didn't they say the experience you earn now will carry over?
  23. Ivory Rush

    Does it still require all alignment quests and emerald, crimson, and turquoise quests?
  24. Echo Dimension Portal Positions

    Xelorium [4,17] 77 uses