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  1. Happida

    Unable to write to drive?

    If you press F3 with the updater in focus, it should show a window with debug and error messages. The latest few lines might help reveal what the cause of the problem is.
  2. Happida


    Estimated time of project being put on hold?
  3. Happida

    Breeding Revamp

    I scrolled a few characters mostly through dopples and it was indeed very boring. I think I got through the process because there were few other things to do: kolo was pretty dead, my dungeon runs had low success rate, and professions and treasure hunts were just as boring. I hope instead of just removing doploons, they would change dopples to have more "depth" and interactivity instead.
  4. Happida

    Breeding Revamp

    One of the main complaints about the proposed changes is that public paddocks will no longer have free breeding items, so evidently people do currently use them, and that means demand for breeding items will increase after the free ones are removed. Even if you make your own breeding items, you could still be contributing to economic activity by buying wood or other ingredients. If you really make and farm everything on your own, you end up with less time to breed which means your competitors who buy those items will have an edge.
  5. Happida

    Breeding Revamp

    I think it helps at the bigger picture. Not everyone is a breeder, and breeders wouldn't be happy if it were so, because then there would be little demand of their products. Some of the changes will increase cost and decrease efficiency for breeders, but they will increase profits for some other people like handymen. So more people, including breeders, will level up the handyman profession, and maybe then we won't have to pay 300kk for keys, and maybe more people will do dungeons and have the need for better mounts and the kamas to afford them. I might be overly optimistic on this, or I might be missing different benefits of the change, but basically, I don't think it's helpful to focus too much on one single aspect of these changes.
  6. Happida

    Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    It's a little annoying that the devs keep mentioning the limitations of the Dofus engine as a reason why they can't add/improve certain features, but they decided to create a new game with the same engine, and are planning to add features that are supposed to be improved from Dofus in that game.
  7. Happida

    Damage Reduction Stack

    I don't have testing to back it up, but I think it would make more sense for damage reduction percentages to be added together. They are basically opposite of vulnerability spells, and Panda's vulnerability spell stacks additively.
  8. Happida

    Micro Blogs

    The angle of the ray of light in the original image is too tall for it to be passing under the stair case, and the shadow of the stair case would have been visible. What you drew also looks quite unstable.
  9. Happida

    Micro Blogs

    That's a little bit of impossible architecture. Light is somehow skipping through the dark staircases behind the window.
  10. Happida

    Prevent relisting on sellrooms

    I think the original suggestion's intention is to decrease the need for people to frequently adjust prices. Since the newest items at the same price are put at the end of the queue, people are encouraged to lower prices to put them at the front, and the older sellers who notice it will do the same, continuing the cycle. By randomizing items in the stack, maybe people will be more likely to set the current price instead of lower. Arguably this just means the item is too common and shouldn't be priced that high to begin with, but sometimes, the process of checking and adjusting prices is more annoying than the lost profit. Maybe the game can make it easier to for sellers to adjust prices in response to market change instead. When we log in, we already get a notification of items that were sold or returned to bank. I propose In addition, the game could show a list of items we are trying to sell, our prices, and the current cheapest prices, the remaining listed time, and allow us to adjust the price right in that window. This window would be accessible through a button at any time and not just at log in.
  11. Happida

    The Hero of Plants X Veriun Dead Quest

    What do you mean by the water bubble?
  12. Happida

    [HELP] Updating classes to v2.45 on DofusPlanner

    As far as I've seen it's only limited by the number of runes. And as Owyn says, each rune deals its own 10 base damage, in its own element, and is modified by stats separately.
  13. Happida

    [HELP] Updating classes to v2.45 on DofusPlanner

    Runic Overcharge is 10 base damage per rune, and the damage increases with +damage and power just like usual. What do you mean by "can it stack"?
  14. Happida

    Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    That's unfair. It's not any easier to repeat achievements on different characters on the same account, than do it on characters on different accounts. Yeah the XP modifier helps with leveling, but in exchange you can't level up the characters at the same time. Theoretically now the achievement rewards are now limited by the number of subscriptions, but people could just subscribe one account at a time to get achievements repeatedly, if they wanted.

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