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  1. But ... now we can't R> abyss xp ...
  2. Yeah, 64 bit works for me. I'm using wine-staging, though I'm not sure if that matters.
  3. You were "obligated" to install the previous updater/launcher too. The only difference was you had to install it separately for Wakfu, Dofus, and other games (although basically the same launcher was bundled with the games).
  4. With Huppermage I can push him 6 cells every turn, which theoretically should make it easy... But when he summons the ghost, he is unmovable for that turn. If the ghost is close to him, I have to put the sword next to it, and either stay there and get destroyed, or run away from the sword which means I won't be able to use it again for 64 turns. Is there any way to control or predict where he summons the ghost?
  5. The nerfs you proposed would hurt single Sadidas a lot more though. Manifold just doesn't hurt your own summons any more. It still hurts allies.
  6. And many ranged fighters feel the maps favor close combat classes too much... Iops are still often game changers in Kolossium, which is why you tend to get targeted if you give the opposing team any chance to hit you. My suggestions are to keep out of opponents' line of sight as much as possible, build vitality and resistance, don't taking for granted the ability to hit on certain turns, but take opportunities when you can finish an enemy, and create opportunities for your teammates.
  7. It's not that bad. Unless you get AP buffed, usually you'll only hit with 3 spells a turn anyway. Even with AP buffs, you can hit two different things so each is only hit through Infected state 3 times. With Sadida teams it's a different story...
  8. When you necro gloot, enemies near it should be automatically necroed. If that's no happening then it's a bug. Necroing the sunflowers first helps a lot to keep allies alive, and as long as necroed roses stay alive, enemies should die without you doing much damage. Even if they get revived, they often get killed before doing much. So necroing monsters is low priority, but if gloot has 2 or 3 of them locked you should take advantage of that. You can swap with the allies before starting fight to make it easier to necro sunflowers first turn, and stop roses from killing th
  9. One thing we know for sure is it's going to be ebola in pvp.
  10. The only way to win is to never post here. Then you shall claim your prize at the end of time. I could have done that myself, but decided to sacrifice myself to give you this advice. You're welcome.
  11. Moved to now since another group was already opening it.
  12. Selpâtre = Surge Foène = Trident Surtension = Hypertension although Google translates it to "Surge"
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