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    I know you want my cocopops~ so dang lonely
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    super box of doom.
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    you don't care lol

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  1. Seri

    Homemade Gobball Cake

    This is great, I'm jealous!
  2. Seri

    I'm so confused

    I realllllly regret not hunting Dofus pre update... I can't stand these quests. Anyone want to lend me their dofus'?
  3. Not as dead as Gobball Corner and Dofus Players hahahaha
  4. Seri

    I'm so confused

    My paaaiiin!!! I don't know how to download 1.29. Oh well.
  5. Seri

    I'm so confused

    Yes, I downloaded from the 1.29 page so it shouldn't have been Dofus 2.... just finished doing my whole hair regime and still only 52%, how painful. I just wanted to play before bedtime. heh Canidae Dungeon is hard now... what on earth are these evil grannys and pigs???
  6. Seri

    I'm so confused

    Yes, I've seen that detail. I tried to install it but it just refreshed my dofus loader and then nothing changed, it still opened the new version of Dofus.... Hahaha, I tried to download it by choosing a different file to save to. Approx. 58 minutes for the uploader, I really feel like I returned to the time of pre 2.x. I'm going to go wash my hair.
  7. I tried to download the game but it took my other open clients as conflicting programmes. Can I not play the current game and 1.29 installed on the same computer?
  8. Seri

    I'm so confused

    I'm wondering if my crappy internet and laptop can handle it. Perhaps I will try! When my p2p runs out, I can give it a go. I am trying to learn this new Dofus. There's a mysterious thing called korri that everyone wants to do, leeching is top dollar business now, no one ever has banter in the chat, QUESTSSSSSS, potions expire?, Omni levels?? (lol I will near reach it).
  9. Seri

    I'm so confused

    Oh ok. I'll figure it out eventually just in time for Dofus to change everything again. I learned the other day that all dofus is now acquired by long ass quests. I really regret playing so lazily whilst my guildmates went dofus hunting.
  10. Seri

    I'm so confused

    Hey, are you still playing?
  11. Seri

    I'm so confused

    Is anyone playing rushu still? I am playing on Mothernature and LimeWire. If not Limey, then Selorm or Yangyang...
  12. Oh... I took it to new heights you'd never seen before.
  13. Remember the mutiny that was GobballCorner?

  14. Seri

    Note to self

    Woowoo I'm not a loser but I kind of still am because apparently all my jokes are corny.
  15. I was always a lazy shitty player so I will stay on 2.0 with the game changing every time I log in every few months...