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  1. I figured it out but I can't play the game anymore. Everything works fine except for when I start a fight, everything else is fine but on me it lags and sends me back to 2005 when I was lagging like a ***** and would pretend it was someone else. The chat channels all send fine, the monsters attack me fine, on my turn it just lags out and I can't do anything.
  2. ok, how do I log in with two accounts? it wouldn't let me open dofus with the old launcher...
  3. Seri

    Genie Game!

    Granted but the image broke so you'll never know. I wish I won £3 million in the lottery and was fiscally responsible and didn't trust a crook who squanders it all in bad investments.
  4. I took a break and not it's this launcher business? Is dofus all mono server now? And a very belated thank you for the explanation. WHY. EVERY TIME I LOG ONTO DOFUS. THEY GO AROUND CHANGING???? A LOT? It it scene, is it emo, is it punk-pop? it can't decide
  5. What's mono server? Anyway, this is le madre de quivitar, place for complaining. My title is 'laziness gets you nowhere', I think it's been lost to some what I'm actually saying. Which is.... I'm being lazy.
  6. The quests bore me. I'd rather do dungeon runs with randoms and guildmates for years.
  7. I really like that idea but the way the game goes now it'll literally be, "Will take you on Dofus runs 70kk per fight". Also, people would spam create low level chars to farm the items. It's just my first memories of Dofus, expect an eni from Love guild introducing me to Tori Amos, was the gobball gear and adventure set maps where strangers just play together to get started. "Oh I already have this, do you want it?". Ah nostalgia, it's useless. I really tried to get into Wakfu mainly because it was so pretty, but I don't know why I can't get hooked into it. I tried to download 1.29 but my laptop won't have it so I'm going to try again once my subscription runs out. I still liked the aspect of farming materials for gear (not that I ever did it... I would give my materials to my guildmates and just buy gear), all it'd really take is like 2-3 dungeon runs. I would feel tired spending all day for 1 item. What I mainly regret is not taking Dofus farming seriously. I really hate frigost and the quests get tedious. I stopped reading anything NPCs are saying in 2008.
  8. I really regret wasting 4 years playing dofus, not trying to win any dofus. Now they must all be gained by quests and I hate it. Also, I hate that gelano is no longer dropped, the fun of the scramble for gelano at the coast with random people was fun. Even if I don't need a gelano, why did they do that? Also, frigost can suck an ass.
  9. This is great, I'm jealous!
  10. I realllllly regret not hunting Dofus pre update... I can't stand these quests. Anyone want to lend me their dofus'?
  11. Not as dead as Gobball Corner and Dofus Players hahahaha
  12. My paaaiiin!!! I don't know how to download 1.29. Oh well.
  13. Yes, I downloaded from the 1.29 page so it shouldn't have been Dofus 2.... just finished doing my whole hair regime and still only 52%, how painful. I just wanted to play before bedtime. heh Canidae Dungeon is hard now... what on earth are these evil grannys and pigs???
  14. Yes, I've seen that detail. I tried to install it but it just refreshed my dofus loader and then nothing changed, it still opened the new version of Dofus.... Hahaha, I tried to download it by choosing a different file to save to. Approx. 58 minutes for the uploader, I really feel like I returned to the time of pre 2.x. I'm going to go wash my hair.
  15. I tried to download the game but it took my other open clients as conflicting programmes. Can I not play the current game and 1.29 installed on the same computer?
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