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    I know you want my cocopops~ so dang lonely
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    super box of doom.
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    you don't care lol

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  1. Oh... I took it to new heights you'd never seen before.
  2. Remember the mutiny that was GobballCorner?

  3. Seri

    Note to self

    Woowoo I'm not a loser but I kind of still am because apparently all my jokes are corny.
  4. I was always a lazy shitty player so I will stay on 2.0 with the game changing every time I log in every few months...
  5. Seri

    Note to self

    note to self. stop being a loser at life lololk i'll be back in a couple of months still being a loser
  6. Seri

    Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    every time i relog back into dofus, i have to relearn everything lol im
  7. Seri

    Your Dofus Nickname

    i downloaded lots of viruses from Limewire
  8. Seri

    Note to self

    maybe I shouldnt have come on april fools to try and read the threads
  9. Seri


    Isnt it like that game the used to have and it's no more. That game. So they went back to the drawing boards
  10. Seri

    [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    This is a different Sydney from the Sydney my eyes know. It feels like everyone went forward visually
  11. Seri

    Note to self

    Don't buy three months on two accounts and then only play for one. Are you made of gold? Question. Is IRC defunct? 4am me can't compute Google. I don't understand!
  12. Seri

    Where is my account

    you need to log in with your screen name on imps now
  13. Seri

    My friend from China want back to Dofus

    I tried to play Dofus in China and it was shit. Didn't work so I gave up trying.
  14. Seri

    What languages do you speak?

    I cannot deal with this new merging stuff. If you gonna merge, merge then innit
  15. Seri

    What languages do you speak?

    How much for that crimson Dofus? 那个血淋林的DOFUS多儿(多少)钱? That's too expensive! Can you make it cheaper? 太贵了啦!便宜点儿呗 I'm lost. 我迷路了 It wasn't me, I swear. 不是我做的,我发誓。 Wanna go out some time ;)? 约不约 ;)? Oh ok, I understand, I had to wash my hair yesterday too. 哦,理解理解。我昨天也是在洗头发呢。 呵呵。真有意思