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  1. <3 miss you! how are you doing? I returned to Dofus and started Eudai again on Echo server ^^

  2. I'm still stuck in beta days where people fight monsters together from low levels up. I'll just play alone if I have to. I'm not much interested in level chasing, I am more interested in fighting different monsters and the excitement of figuring out new strategies to beat it...
  3. I just remembered I had subbed two accounts so I've made a sadida called Resolva.
  4. Thanks both - I've been working very late nights this past week and also trying to find a new job so haven't been on during the weekdays. I'm on today-monday on my enu Prosperity
  5. I refuse to move somewhere again and don't understand why people keep moving servers. I'll just play alone at this point.
  6. I just made an enu called Prosperity.
  7. I'm Limewire on henual, add me. I subbed for 3 months only
  8. I figured it out but I can't play the game anymore. Everything works fine except for when I start a fight, everything else is fine but on me it lags and sends me back to 2005 when I was lagging like a ***** and would pretend it was someone else. The chat channels all send fine, the monsters attack me fine, on my turn it just lags out and I can't do anything.
  9. ok, how do I log in with two accounts? it wouldn't let me open dofus with the old launcher...
  10. Granted but the image broke so you'll never know. I wish I won £3 million in the lottery and was fiscally responsible and didn't trust a crook who squanders it all in bad investments.
  11. I took a break and not it's this launcher business? Is dofus all mono server now? And a very belated thank you for the explanation. WHY. EVERY TIME I LOG ONTO DOFUS. THEY GO AROUND CHANGING???? A LOT? It it scene, is it emo, is it punk-pop? it can't decide
  12. What's mono server? Anyway, this is le madre de quivitar, place for complaining. My title is 'laziness gets you nowhere', I think it's been lost to some what I'm actually saying. Which is.... I'm being lazy.
  13. The quests bore me. I'd rather do dungeon runs with randoms and guildmates for years.
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