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    i like to hunt fish hag with freinds and play games:)

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  1. So u think you can league? drop me a message need a few good players to play against. I warn you not many come out on top.
  2. When from time to time your out and you hear the old dofus theme song playing in your head as if to be calling you :D
  3. poor man standing there
  4. My luck seems to be returning +14 2 stones after i dropped the last Mind the Guild chat :D
  5. Shot at 2012-05-25 145 stone dry streak finally broke +17
  6. Gratz to all the lucky ones ^^ ive done 80 stones in the past week not a damn thing :P
  7. Crippled penguins for shoes
  8. Granted! But would u rather them catch you in the act? I wish for the below me to wish for something useful
  9. lies thats a boosted score all the boosters got set to negative scores i know this because my account is boosted plus u only have 8 days play time highly unlikely for u to get rank 10:P my friend did it totaly legit took him 24 days worth of play time^^
  10. Uploaded with ImageShack.us First +20 Was on the 12th stone of the day
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