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  1. YES MAM! , bring vox too! ;D
  2. Haha, yeah he's doing good, visited em a while back. Yeah course I do! I'll cya in game. Awesome, the spell changes really seem nice. I'll hit you up If I need help.
  3. Hey everyone! Long time no see! I was just checking out Dofus after not playing for I don't even know how many years now. A lot of stuff has changed, especially the map art; it looks great. I saw that they made a new server for single accounts and that's my jam right there, I made a new character on there.
  4. You damn right! I made it my self in photoshop. It's my more up to date avatar I use on other websites.
  5. Looks like I made the post with the wrong account, anyway, vote for me! :D Foreign Policy: Bonta are the scum of the earth and we will need to forge a strong alliance with another nation to be able to take them on in the future. The Amakna government will be the first outside government I will pursue with a treaty, I have the connections to make that possible. Qualifications: My background is in years of dofus/wakfu gameplay. I've been around ankama games for years. I've handled large guilds and alliances in the past. I have a level head under pressure and don't make snap decisions, I think thoroughly about every scenario that will play out based on the move I make, and choose the best one. That's what gives me the qualifications to be able to lead a nation. Fortifying our Nation: Our nation has one of the lowest population rates of the nations, I intend to raise that number by claiming territories and holding grand events throughout our countryside to allow everyone to rejoice. All in the aim to inspire our people, and the others who will join us. I will make it easier on our citizens to earn the citizenship points they deserve. And make sure our taxes are spent fairly and well.
  6. There will still be plenty of situations where weapons will be the better option.
  7. I've noticed a few with names changed, "Spimushketeer the Loyal" -> "Mushketeer the Loyal".
  8. Int ecas suck now, what do I do? ps: I hate pebbles, why did they add them into the game. =(
  9. You're probably going to need a healer, so eni? Maybe transfer that feca and switch it for the sac?
  10. Hahahaha, yeah I'm pretty much a mummy.
  11. Man this thread exploded over the years, I don't even play it any more lol. /cough dota2
  12. What's better to use now? Spells or weapons?
  13. So many trophies, I need to get me some of those things.
  14. This update scares me, I just want to bash things in the head with a stick, why can't you let me have that ankama! /goes back to fiddling in the sand
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