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  1. YES MAM! , bring vox too! ;D
  2. Haha, yeah he's doing good, visited em a while back. Yeah course I do! I'll cya in game. Awesome, the spell changes really seem nice. I'll hit you up If I need help.
  3. Hey everyone! Long time no see! I was just checking out Dofus after not playing for I don't even know how many years now. A lot of stuff has changed, especially the map art; it looks great. I saw that they made a new server for single accounts and that's my jam right there, I made a new character on there.
  4. There will still be plenty of situations where weapons will be the better option.
  5. I've noticed a few with names changed, "Spimushketeer the Loyal" -> "Mushketeer the Loyal".
  6. Int ecas suck now, what do I do? ps: I hate pebbles, why did they add them into the game. =(
  7. You're probably going to need a healer, so eni? Maybe transfer that feca and switch it for the sac?
  8. Hahahaha, yeah I'm pretty much a mummy.
  9. Man this thread exploded over the years, I don't even play it any more lol. /cough dota2
  10. What's better to use now? Spells or weapons?
  11. So many trophies, I need to get me some of those things.
  12. This update scares me, I just want to bash things in the head with a stick, why can't you let me have that ankama! /goes back to fiddling in the sand
  13. Hey guys, just saying popping in to see what's up with this new expansion/episode! Hope to see some old faces and meet new ones, I'll be sticking around for a little while since I got a year sub this time, so expect me. And if you want to holler at me ingame, you'll find me on rosal :P
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