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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!


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  1. Vote Naso for Brakmar!

    You damn right! I made it my self in photoshop. It's my more up to date avatar I use on other websites.
  2. Vote Naso for Brakmar!

    Looks like I made the post with the wrong account, anyway, vote for me! :D Foreign Policy: Bonta are the scum of the earth and we will need to forge a strong alliance with another nation to be able to take them on in the future. The Amakna government will be the first outside government I will pursue with a treaty, I have the connections to make that possible. Qualifications: My background is in years of dofus/wakfu gameplay. I've been around ankama games for years. I've handled large guilds and alliances in the past. I have a level head under pressure and don't make snap decisions, I think thoroughly about every scenario that will play out based on the move I make, and choose the best one. That's what gives me the qualifications to be able to lead a nation. Fortifying our Nation: Our nation has one of the lowest population rates of the nations, I intend to raise that number by claiming territories and holding grand events throughout our countryside to allow everyone to rejoice. All in the aim to inspire our people, and the others who will join us. I will make it easier on our citizens to earn the citizenship points they deserve. And make sure our taxes are spent fairly and well.
  3. Kralove Run!

    That sucks dude, there will be many more tho!
  4. Kralove Run!

    Hope everyone got there things ready!
  5. There will still be plenty of situations where weapons will be the better option.
  6. sexy time ★☆★☆★

    I blame germy.
  7. I've noticed a few with names changed, "Spimushketeer the Loyal" -> "Mushketeer the Loyal".
  8. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Int ecas suck now, what do I do? ps: I hate pebbles, why did they add them into the game. =(
  9. 4 man team

    You're probably going to need a healer, so eni? Maybe transfer that feca and switch it for the sac?
  10. Kralove Run!

    Yeah, that's why I made this one for next week, spread the word and link this in game on trade chat and guild!
  11. Kralove Run!

    Alright guys, I don't know when is the last time this sucker has been punched but he is due for his next treatment. I'm sure there are more than enough people out there that just need their chance at giving this guy a sock to the face, so lets do it! The guild Sexy Time is going to be organizing this endeavor as well as any other volunteers that would like to help. This is all going down on Saturday, April 27th @ 3PM EST / 8PM Dofus Time First we are going to being recruting people at around 2PM EST in chat channels letting them know that we are getting ready. We will start getting people placed on tiles at 3PM EST, this should take anywhere from 30 min' to 2 hours, it really depends on how many people / how long it takes people to follow directions. So spread the word to people in game or direct them to this post(since you can link things ingame now a days). If you guys have any questions or comments, just post them here! Thanks guys, See you in a week!
  12. Kralove Opening! (Rosal)

    How about we plan it for next week, this post wasn't very organized just someone posting "I need help!". I'll make a new topic about it.
  13. Thanks nyroc, and everyone else!
  14. Hahahaha, yeah I'm pretty much a mummy.
  15. League of Legends

    Man this thread exploded over the years, I don't even play it any more lol. /cough dota2