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  1. Where you at?

    Touche and I are playing again 🙂

  2. Exilepf ispf likepf watpf diablopf 3pf shuddapf beenpf.. onpf crackpf. customizationpf ispf crazypf, endgamepf grindpf ispf funpf, andpf alwayspf challengingpf stuffspf. watchapf beenpf uppf topf latelypf tasmanpf? Stillpf grindingpf dapf dofuspf? Isps fufupf ablapf stillpf playingpf? srslypf gottapf avoidpf impsvillagepf nowadayspf.... makespf mepf wannapf playpf againpf :(pf

    1. Tasuja


      Only doing that Almanax quest which gives a Dofus at the end. Other than that not doing anything else there (haven't even checked out Frigost 3). Elif isn't playing Dofus either. Mostly rolling work, nubbing on 9gag/memecenter, rolling some anime/d3 and trying to move my plans about getting my own place at the countryside forward a little. What about yourself?

  3. was playing path of exile for last few months ... but on break from dat too ... jhs students take up too much of my time :(

  4. free itams svpsvpsvpsvp

  5. But brother... my rings, gloves and amu already have ias!! ... 35-40k dmg? You must show your guts too, brother! Atm I can manage siegebreaker runs fairly easily ... with maybe some deaths if those phucking invulne minions elite spawn... whoever thought of those should diaf... phucking stupid...
  6. Still WIP ... dmg is insanely low... but 50% block, 900-100 all resists, and 800 life on hit is kinda nice Think I'll get immortal king armor and belt next ... any input would be nice!!
  7. Maxed this guy in ~5 days, then killed a couple minotoballs to top it off! :lol:
  8. Another nubby low budget team ...
  9. Heya! I'd like to order quite a few souls from ya... maybe around 150-ish Tried pming ya IG but could never catch ya on. I'm usually on sometime between 1:00-9:00 DUT. IGNs: Pho-King, So-Viet
  10. Stole my picture, bitch!

  11. Clicking faster worked! ... I'll stop with these repetitive one-minute improvement screens .... I'm just bored :(
  12. I wan try to approach da 2 min screen :blink: And can't seem to break 15 min ougaa. Any new strategies I'm missing out on? Want single digit time nao ><
  13. Not that impressive compared to some of you guys... but since we're on sucker itams! Maged by an ubar secret mager!! :D
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