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  1. ebob

    what happened to you?


  3. Every article I've seen that claims Gaddafi was going to nationalize oil has quoted the same 2009 incident in which Gaddafi said nationalization might be good. But it didn't happen. It's not like Libya is a democracy where these decisions take time to be discussed and fought over. If he wanted it nationalized, he would have done it. He was an autocratic despot.
  4. Yes. Anglo-Dutch Shell was essentially running the LNG operations at Brega, IIRC.
  5. I'm not going to get very deep into this, but I personally would differentiate between Libya and Syria, which were (and in Syria's case, still is) governed by violent, bloody, totalitarian despots, and Palestine. The Palestinian National Authority leadership (both of the Hamas and the Fatah varieties) is deeply corrupt (and has been ruling unconstitutionally for years), but it's not bloody like Gaddafi's Libya or Assad's Syria, where dissenters would disappear into secret prisons and never be seen again. According to people I know who've spent a lot of time in the West Bank, people aren't afra
  6. As a Jew, I'd ask that you avoid the Nazi analogies until people are being put into train carts, brought to death camps, and murdered en masse. Dislike the police as much as you want, but the police in America are not even close to the level of omnipresence and brutality exhibited by the Nazis, and making such an absurd comparison cheapens the totality of oppression and cruelty brought upon the non-Germans under German occupation. Entering a house is nowhere even remotely in the vicinity of making lists of minorities and shipping them off to their deaths.
  7. Thank you so much, but... I still have a Mac. No Pidgin for me.
  8. I honestly have no idea what that is. So no.
  9. The Imps IRC is blocked on my campus wireless. I pretty much won't be able to get on IRC again until I get home from Israel in January. ;_;
  10. Happy belated birthday IMPERIALIST SCUM אהבה רבה מישראל
  11. Everything in Israel is closed between noon on Friday and Sunday morning. Fuck. That.
  12. Guys, this is awful. Half of the posts in this thread had to be deleted. My mother always said, "if you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut." This applies doubly in discussions of the dead. Please keep that in mind while posting.
  13. Taste: That video is really interesting! Jorfs: Love the flag. I support The Icefarmann Islands in all their endeavours. What's the deal with the map, though? Edit: I love flags! One of my next purchases is a New England flag!
  14. As if your favorite ginger almost-Jewish mod wasn't nerdy enough, I have to come to divulge another passion of mine: maps. I'm a very visual person, and I love the way that maps allow me to visualize the world I live in (and some worlds I don't live in). One of my favorite blogs is Strange Maps, and reddit's /r/MapPorn/ is a good place to find interesting maps as well. A project I slaved over all day today was this map: The aging and wrinkling effects were generously provided by rugger! It used to be blindingly white and now it looks like a proper map. Anyway, the map was inspired by thi
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