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  1. Hello All , As the years have been through and our lives have moved along , I have never forgot how Omni familly took care of me against Knights Templars agroeing during BrakmarVsBonta, I joined and became part of this familly .


    After many quits and hacks , I have came back a couple months and been keeping your legacy you passed on to me , Omni is still alive and kicking , if you wish to drop by just to say hello , please do I miss you all a lot

  2. Hey Juper , i have been told to give u an application to join Nihil ,

    My name is Armsofsorrow

    Im am Eniripsa lvl 198


    I'm a Baker/Alchemest/Tailor lvl 100

    I was in Guild Rinne

    I'm available on Dofus from 11:00 Am untill midnight GMT +3

    I'm 19 years old

    Have sense of humor and a bit talkative

    love to do Prism fights and group...

  3. It works! "Arrr! har har har yo-ho-ho yo-ho-ho har har har yo-ho-ho har har har yo-ho-ho yo-ho-ho"
  4. I used program called Proxifier. In its settings you can check/set IP. I found working IP on http://www.xroxy.com/proxylist.htm . And after just unblock shield with code you got. Be sure you checked box next to working IP so program will use it.
  5. I had same problem while ago. I have used some proxy gate to change ip for country which I was needed to have and unblocked shield.
  6. It usually take a while to load page for me.
  7. I think it is all about wakfu. Ankama wanted to get huge income after it being released and probably most of people just bought ogrines in dofus and subscribed wakfu with that. There was a day in Shika when there wasn't any ogrine for sale for any price.
  8. Omni is probably died due mass kick drama. I think most of old school shika players has already quit.

  9. each area 1 by 1 lol... anyways man good to see a familiar face... how are the guys at omni doing?

  10. hey bro... i dont know if u remember me?

    reset my password on my iop itburnswhenipee 165 iop and gave it away to a friend today... does shelor, or ravencruxian still play? any of the older players still playing? anyways man God Bless, keep well bro. peace.

    Lol i remember the old days... with Hot-girl...and that crazy wisdom xelor rushing up his levels... when shika just started and th...

  11. Magul won't be happy that you find out that...
  12. I drop with feca+enu(around 900PP) about 40 stones per run, but I do all challanges.
  13. I added a certain Juper to my availability.

    Ever heard of him by any chance?

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