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  1. Germy


    yes, i imagine i'll only play dofus on ilyzaelle from now on
  2. Germy


    bump, i've been on and off, but now i'm playing quite a bit late american evenings any old friends out there wanna come join on mono server? Discord: Germy#9001 /w slack
  3. [unity] is the largest english-speaking alliance on the server. i'm in ruby, which is one of the larger guilds in unity: if you'd like to join, you can find me on discord at Germy#9001 and i'll hook you up with an invite edit: i am in another guild now
  4. Germy


    checking out ilyzaelle again, ive graduated from moskitos anyone have a recommendation for an english speaking guild? i'm 149 panda
  5. Germy


    ? im still hunting moskitos join me: /w slack
  6. Germy


    helo friends, come play with me on fraktal ilyzaelle, let's go hunt moskitos together or something!! my ign is slack or reach me on discord Germy#9001 hit me up old buddies or new friends and get ready to answer all my noob questions edit: update discord and server info
  7. im bored and tired

  8. what is a germy

  9. [22:22] (Guild) Bootiful: Hendz or Jeremy [22:22] (Guild) Bootiful: Update the live blog [22:22] (Guild) Bootiful: Or get kicked [Click here to apply to Rosautocracy]
  10. how i did f3 duos with a cra, if anyone is interested. this was pre-fancy trophies and before softcap and crit rate changes etc etc and wow bob pretty much remembered that whole set even though i still get ridiculed for using a "support sram" <_< also i recommend trap sram for count now, should be much smoother
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      Happy birthday, Bri! ❤️
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    • Kaevex  »  Cappy-san

      Hey Cappy! You might not remember me but we used to hang out and talk on Dofus!
      Do you have a way for me to contact you? Would love to talk again and see what you've been doing all these years. Was reminiscing and the nostalgia hit me hard, so yeah.
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      fight me?
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    • Goatee

      Help, I'm thinking of playing Dofus again casually. Someone remind me of their terrible cash-grabbing marketing, tendency to change spells every week or so and refusal to listen to the non-French community. Or else I'll replace my prescription glasses with these nostalgia googles.
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