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  1. Well not really, as you can see in the message it says that Crepy-ke has been banned for selling kamas aha.
  2. Hey Ice, i m already playing on Algathe! I'll see you once they merge servers! Monz is on Algathe too.
  3. So last word, everyone on Algathe ???? Sohta.
  4. Here are the lastest news : https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/1052728-dofus-retro-additional-details So 5 servers, that will be merged later, and kralove xp nerf. So where do we meet???
  5. As an old player i will give a try on this server too. Nostalgia is there @.@ Sohta
  6. Mind saying that was 10aps 4 mps Feca and AIDS map?
  7. I didn t know that dofus pvp could be compared to rock paper scissors rules. But of you say so ok then.And if you say that, it means that it s unfair. Which is finnaly what i say ?
  8. But if it ends 1 vs 1, why would it turn back 2 vs 1? I m mean as a fair fight, tell me.
  9. I know, it's all my point. That s why i m still wondering why does this spell still exist when a fight can end like this.
  10. And aps or dmg buffs? How could it be sore loser when it's 1 vs 1 but then becomes 2 vs 1?
  11. I'm still playing dofus cause there are still some cool pvp fights like kolo, percs or prisms. But most of time, mainly in kolo i lose cause of osas and spritual leash spell. less than 2 minutes ago i lost against a team with an osa in. i ended 1 vs 1 with my eni against the osa that i could have handled. But hey! They got a spell, not really op, that can just revive someone. So he revived sram that was playing after osa and before me. So here goes the dead sram, buffed with 2 aps and stuff. So he just killed me :DDDD Can someone explain me the fair part of that spell when a fight becomes
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