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  1. I think it'd be much more interesting with 2 chars (no sidekicks). I may consider doing that...
  2. You could attack the mob and stall until a different mob is spawned instead? Not sure it will get rid of the mob, but it'll get rid of the stars ;)
  3. Buy low sell high When people want to sell something they aren't willing to wait. And no, I don't have the patience to buy at % off and resell. I have specific markets I prefer. But let's say I wanted to make kamas to buy something, and not have to wait six months for a payout. I would fill up the markets with resources. All kinds. You can have all the professions on a single character now, so you don't even have to have 2-3 like before to fill up the markets. My one piece of advice: Don't blindly gather everything and hope that it sells. Specific materials sell well, and specific m
  4. Protectors were originally made in order to fight bots (resource bots that can't fight). It's a formula based on whether the game thinks you are a bot or not... how long you've been gathering resources, changing maps/mines/locations.
  5. I did approx. 1500 candies. I'm not saying I'm top 30 or anything, but I'd like the winner of Rushu to know they didn't grind without any competition (they didn't grind in vain).
  6. For the people that don't mind, point out how many candies you've dropped, what drop % you have as base. Trying to figure out if I should give it a go.
  7. Well the power of the rune* Like success on damage or crit runes give more xp than int or str runes
  8. It does start out at 1xp/rune. The amount of xp you get will increase as you level, and does depend on the amount of sink. Kind of aim to keep the item you are maging to be around the same level as the magus for maximum xp.
  9. Is this generic or specific to the new update. It appears as though every success gives 1 xp regardless of item level or type of rune. I'm sure it'll increase at higher lvls. Otherwise that's a lot of runes. (>450,000 runes)
  10. Think about it this way, the chance of getting striped turkeys with none pure trees is the same chance of getting an ability. Well, actually the specific ability that you want! The time it takes to make pure trees does not realistically compare to just starting out with mix tree mounts and mixing them until you have the mounts you need. That way you can also pick the babies with the trees of mounts you desire. Honestly that makes it slightly easier to hit the 1k matings req since you won't focus on that until after the generations. Just more efficient that way.
  11. lol ownty I would have all my chars subbed with credit cards if it was easy. I've never had so much trouble giving anyone else money compared to amanka. But it's ok, I do just fine with paying in kamas.
  12. I did mean the smallest runes like +1 chance, removed it from my post anyway. I kind of had an idea where I could use the statistics regardless of the item, but not cosidering the item level and item itself is a huge introduction to error. The percents themselves could be used as a rotating number rather than a consistent multiplier to create graph with this additional variable. This would only involve two variables. But doing that tanks the % and any item in itself worth kamas would create a loss during data gathering. It'll take forever to gather data (but possible) as the multiplier in
  13. So I'm trying to figure out how to determine making graphs/ect. How to gather information to create links in the data. Stats (Ex: 40 Ine), Multiplier % (Ex: 338%), #Ra Runes (Ex:1). Things like item level are kind of easy to collect, but does anyone have some suggestions on gathering data? Because the one I'm going I'm assuming that the number of some runes, like mp runes won't affect Ine or Agi rune collection. Anyway, gonna push forward.! Bet the French will have all the data (or do already) before I have anything of use.
  14. There's some major form of miscommunication going on. :ph34r: That's what we get for posting at 3am (dunno about your time zone.) I edited my post to indicate what I meant. I think we're on the same page.
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