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  1. The Things You Miss By NOT Hanging Out In IRC

    Living the dream: (8:59:18 PM) Panarchy: I wish I owned a cinema (8:59:25 PM) Panarchy: with a jazz bar in the basement (9:02:05 PM) Garnene: i wish i owned chris pratt (9:02:15 PM) Panarchy: with a jazz bar in the basement? (9:03:22 PM) Garnene: na i have a jazz bar to put in his basement already The HDD saga: (9:15:26 PM) jorfs: How much storage could you fit in the worlds largest container ship? (9:15:32 PM) jorfs: HmmmmMMMMMmMm (9:16:37 PM) Missile: Units of PETE'S MUM = 1 ... time passes ... (9:22:35 PM) jorfs: 8570520576 terabytes, assuming it's stuffed with 2TB HDDs (9:23:08 PM) Garnene: seagate has a 8tb harddrive (9:23:18 PM) Garnene: wait (9:23:19 PM) Garnene: 10tb (9:23:24 PM) jorfs: yeha well I'm being conservative with my container ship analogies (9:24:10 PM) Garnene: yeah youre right (9:24:14 PM) Garnene: better be conservative (9:24:25 PM) Garnene: in your cargo shipped filled entirely with harddrvies scenario (9:24:35 PM) Garnene: wouldnt want to be ridiculous (9:26:22 PM) Missile: but what if you drop em (9:26:32 PM) RollTheDice: what happens if you drop a normal HDD? (9:26:36 PM) jorfs: you might break it if you drop it (9:26:36 PM) RollTheDice: chances are it'l be broken too (9:27:16 PM) Missile: but not as irreversibly I'd think, if it's not a height too high (9:27:32 PM) RollTheDice: well i doubt a drop would puncture it (9:27:37 PM) RollTheDice: unless it dropped on something sharp (9:27:49 PM) RollTheDice: still, who drops HDDs? (9:27:55 PM) Missile: well, if it drops on a corner you'd have a chance of it deforming for a second (9:28:17 PM) RollTheDice: drop survivability never really factors into my HDD purchases (9:28:31 PM) RollTheDice: i assume if i drop it once it'l be completely fucked (9:28:39 PM) jorfs: drop survivability is my #1 priority in HDD purchases (9:29:14 PM) Garnene: if my harddrive cant double as a football i personally class that as a waste of money #ShamelessNecro
  2. EA and Anita Sarkeesian

    'Did he really just try to argue that women were better off than men a thousand years ago?' He used logical reasons to explain a common trope in video games, he explained reasons why women might be seen as valuable, and hence why someone would want to go and rescue a woman. Perhaps you didn't watch the whole video, though, if this is the only thing you took from it? 'I keep hearing how she "scammed" that $150,000. Please, tell me how she did such a thing. I do not think that word means what you think it means.' noun 1. a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle. verb (used with object) 2. to cheat or defraud with a scam. People who suggest that she is scamming are probably suggesting one of two things: 1) That she doesn't intend to make the videos, or use the money raised to fund the videos, perhaps that she doesn't require this money to make the videos (Jake implied this in his post you quoted, admittedly using very emotive language). 2) That the videos aren't what she claims they are. That people have been tricked into thinking that she's a strong feminist with good logic behind her. And these do both fit under the definition of the word scam. 'It's a little sad to see that the Imps/Dofus community seems to be on the wrong side of this whole thing' Use of the word 'wrong' is emotive, but uninformative. Perhaps you can clarify whether you think that the Imps community is a) anti-feminist or b) simply anti-Anita. If the second statement even *is* true on the whole (perhaps you'll get that impression from this thread) it probably only represents the overall view of many people on the internet, which is often overwhelmingly anti-Anita. If you think the community here is anti-feminist as a result of this thread, then I urge you to re-read this thread, and maybe watch all of the videos all the way through. The main complaint is that Anita is 'not a good feminist,' that her arguments are not logically sound, and that some of her opinions are based on false assumptions, or even contradictive. 'And yes, despite the cherry picked examples you may bring up, there is a real issue.' Again, if you would actually watch the whole video in the post that you quoted, you might see that people do understand that there may be an issue of feminism in video games e.g. '[Damsels in distress] are a cheap tactic used by writers in order to evoke a petty emotional response out of the customer'. The video goes on to explore ways in which the 'damsel in distress' trope might be dodged. So it is inaccurate to portray that the community here don't acknowledge that there is any issue at all, when it is acknowledged in the very post that you quoted. That said, many people will continue to enjoy playing as hourglass figure characters (such as Bayonetta), and why shouldn't they (she's a total badass!). 'I thought Dofus was different' Another emotive/persuasive phrase, but it lacks any real meaning in a logical argument. Perhaps the fact that dofus does have an older (or even more feminine) playerbase and yet people STILL dislike Anita shows that there is something about her that you are not seeing, and not just from a feminist point of view. 'had all agreed that this woman was at worst harmless and at best bringing attention to a real issue in the gaming industry.' Perhaps she *was* harmless, until she suddenly became such a huge thing. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be allowed to listen to ideas that I disagree with, but in this format, there is little room for ideas that *she* disagrees with. A well reasoned argument considers both sides, and then (and only then) explains why they think that one side is stronger than the other. 'I would've thought that made us more enlightened, but it seems not so.' This is a bit of a flame bait to be honest. Insulting people is the best way to be hated. Now, even if you had a logical argument, people will ignore it and hate you for the insult. And finally I want to add my own comment to the discussion: Anita Sarkeesian doesn't seem to be a very good feminist. She acknowledges that there is an issue, but she fails to address it properly, and blows things out of proportion (a bit like the reaction to her!). She seems to frequently make assumptions based on the content of things without giving thought to their meaning. If she is as smart as she thinks she is, then this says to me that she is deliberately being over the top, trying to find things to complain about and be 'feminist' towards, since she has a reputation to uphold. A common complaint about 'feminists' is that they don't want to be equal to men, they want to be greater than men. Personally I don't consider this to be a true feminist. That said, the initial reaction towards her was so vitriolic and full of hatred, I can completely understand why someone would want to take her side. The stories I read at the kick-off of this whole event were more than a little shocking, yet after reviewing the evidence before me, I still find myself on the anti-Anita side. Why? Because I think her views are at best misguided, and at worst misleading, by which I mean to say that at best, she has things the wrong way around in her head and at worst she will influence other people to think that what she says is the absolute truth. They should be learning to find out their own truth, and review the evidence and then say "this is probably an unfair stereotype" or "Chris Brown is a bad boyfriend, but Rihanna is a bad role model for 'loving the way he lies'" or basically whatever the hell they think is true, while being open to a logical counter argument.
  3. Guild Wars 2

    Hi everyone, I've finally reached 400 jeweller now, so I can make just about anything you want me to. If you want me to craft something, send me mail with the mats and details of what you want made (I am Panarchy.8103). Bear in mind two things first: 1) low level crafts might benefit another crafter who is levelling jeweller and 2) Check the trading post first - the materials may be worth more than the final product (kind of depressing) so it might be more worthwhile to sell the materials and buy the final product. Amulets take 6 ingots or 12 ore Rings take 5 ingots or 10 ore Earrings take 4 ingots or 8 ore +4 ore for a masterwork craft The tiers of ore required for jewellery go as follows: Copper (10-20), Silver (25-35), Gold (40-50), Platinum (55-65), Mithril (70-80), Orichalcum (80) Tiers of gems should be pretty obvious, since they are in order in the bank. I'm not sure about orichalcum and orb crafts. I know that orb gems are used in the craft of exotic jewels, which I have the recipes for (1 Orb, 1 Orichalcum filigree = 4 ore, 1 Glob of Ectoplasm). Orbs don't list themselves as a jeweller crafting material, so I'm not sure whether they are useable with orichalcum to make lvl 80 jewellery, or if this is limited to the exotic gems. Exotic crafts will use the same amount of ore as a masterwork craft, except in orichalcum ore. I assume exotic crafts will require 3 gems each, since this is what rare crafts require, but I don't know since I haven't tried one yet. I will try one when I get more money to buy the resources. Edit: Oh and for rare crafts, I've bought several, but not all, of the rare gem recipes from the jeweller master (ran out of karma!), the ingredients depend on the tier. the level 80 rare gems use 5x crystal gem, 1x mithril filigree (= 4 ore), 1x glob of ectoplasm. Rare crafts require 3 of the gem, and so in general they might not *really* be worth crafting, as they are only slightly better than the masterwork craft. The exception is perhaps at lvl 80, but even then it might be better to make the masterwork craft until you can afford the exotic, as you will inevitably want to upgrade eventually (not that I have a clue what sort of stats the exotics give, but I assume it is awesome.)
  4. Awesomenauts

    http://uk.gamespot.com/event/codes/awesomenauts_steam_beta_giveaway/ GameSpot seem to have a lot of beta keys for the pc version in case anyone is interested.
  5. Awesomenauts

    Praise for awesomenauts on TGS podcast #17:
  6. Werewolf

    I for one would be very interested in playing this. Perhaps we could make use of IRC also. I know the film Cry Wolf had a similar game online (only one wolf, someone challenges someone else, one of those two people are killed and reveal whether or not they were the wolf) as some sort of publicity, that was played through a chat client.
  7. Awesomenauts

    For fans of the MOBA genre, I recently came across a new console MOBA called awesomenauts. I finally got around to downloading the demo and was instantly hooked! It's a side-scroller style game, and is very action packed. Fights are 3v3, and there are only 6 characters to choose from as of yet (but more to be added in upcoming DLC). From what I've played so far, the game is very balanced, with a few (fairly minor) balances coming in a patch that will be released at the same time as the first DLC. The six characters offer varying play-styles, and the whole game seems well designed in general. So if you've come across awesomenauts already, what do you think about it? And if you havent, and you have an xbox 360 or ps3, then try it!!! Personally I've had a lot of fun on this game, even if there are currently some slight issues with online matchmaking. I hope you guys love this game as much as I do, if we get a fair group of people playing maybe we can use this thread for strategy discussion and grouping up in game too! Edit:
  8. League of Legends

    Tip to win fights: farm, farm, farm some more. To be honest their twitch fucked them over by being crap at jungling, he came into mid to cover for their Ahri, and he was about level 3 when I was level 6 or 7... silly twitch. Problem with Ahri is that it's tempting to just push Q and W and try and hit someone with E, and then ult through the enemy team, because her ult does SO MUCH DAMAGE (considering it's three targets AND gets three casts). Obviously you're useful for more than your ult's damage (Q's true damage which scales off AP? yes please). Ahri is fun because dashing is fun. The end.
  9. League of Legends

    I guess I'd be interested in joining a team, though I only play 2-3 games a day. My IGN is Toruko, on the NA server. Lost all my Elo after sequential bad luck (with some bad play also of course). In my most recent game, our first pick picked morgana for our last pick, then never said who to swap for. Last pick ended up playing nasus with no nasus masteries/runes prepared. Sad thing is, we nearly won a couple of times, and then we got owned.
  10. League of Legends

    Been playing a few ranked games since the end of S1. Going quite well so far really (could be better of course, but can't complain), 4 wins to 1 loss with vayne, also nidalee is probably my favourite champion ever. Here is a screenshot of me failing as nidalee and getting carried anyway: Hopefully my Elo will keep going up and it won't go down. I would like that very much ^^. Nidalee shits on everyone in lane PROVIDED that you hit your javelins. That didn't happen enough this game which is why I did poorly (also I turret dived vs. taric + gangplank, who stunned and gp-ulti'd me, my teammates ignored me and took the turret, but that's ok). Wukong told us kindly at the beginning of the game that he was going to carry us, which was nice of him (screams from the other team of 'omg cho feeder').
  11. League of Legends

    An obvious point people haven't mentioned being kog's W which deals on-hit damage, bonus AS increasing the number of times you apply the effect. I love kog because of his range, in many matchups I can sit back and pick off whoever is closest. And lmao, I hadn't even noticed irelia's build. I've played 3 ranked matches so far today and lost all 3, the second one our lux d/ced at the start, and by the time they reconnected bot and mid lane had already fed enough that the game was lost. The second game our garen quit after dying once. The enemy morde fed caitlyn hard, and I was about as successful as our opponents in bot lane, however the game dragged on too long, and in all late game fights we were slightly outmatched, and eventually lost. Not sure if I want to play more ranked games in the hope for good games, or just cut my losses and give up until season 3 (rofl).
  12. League of Legends

    Did a ranked game today, shame it was a loss, we were getting owned most of the game anyway. Then at about mid game, we did a teamfight where they decided not to focus me immediately, and soon realised their mistake, that fight got me at least 3 kills, and almost bought me a whole phantom dancer. After that, they never let me go again, with noct's ulti, tristana's superior movement, and once blitzcrank even grabbed me... Our lack of jungler was a huge impact, and no real tank, although the only enemy who decided to tank was nocturne, I barely noticed blitz in team fights (until that last on). Also trist raped me a little in lane, picking up an early kill or two, which made me sadface :< Long story short: kog'maw is cool and all, but nocturne can just ult me and pick me off anyway, or trist could jump in and blast me to shreds (I didn't quite have enough dps to beat trist first, despite my huge armour, except one time under a turret)
  13. League of Legends

    Yorick is better than people think he is. Late game his minions last long enough to get a couple of hits in, and people don't count this when they look at his burst - also when he has 3 minions and a revenant up (not gonna last long admittedly) his attacks deal 20% extra damage. When you look at the numbers, they seem lower than they actually are. This having been said, Yorick is still a little underpowered in my opinion. He is very squishy, and he relies on too many stats (CDR, mana, mana regen, AD, lifesteal, health, armour, magic resistance, move speed (needs more than just boots 2 or you will never hit your q). Thankfully Trinity Force gives a lot of these stats, and manamune can make up for the mana (although I would prefer to be able to build something more damage oriented, manamune is still decent damage per gold). I also like spirit's visage on him, as it makes his E heal for more, giving him more survivability in a fight (and the health and CDR don't hurt) Unfortunately with Manamune, Boots 2, Triforce and Spirit's visage, this is pretty much all you're going to be able to build unless you're boss at last hitting - Yorick's abilities do help him farm, e gives him a small nuke with a little range, w is AoE, q resets his autoattack so he can hit and then q quickly afterwards, not to mention his minions last hitting (occasionally) helps pick up the odd bit of gold. Still, this build is about 9k gold - so you can maybe go for one more item after finishing these (unless you're somehow fed, which I find difficult to pull off myself, but maybe a more experienced player would do better). Maybe an atma's last for some armour and more AD, or if your opponents have no decent AD, you could always build a banshee. For spells I tend to prioritise R>W>E>Q with a level in q at 4 - E may give you decent sustain, but it has the highest mana cost of the lot (60-80), and is not very spammable even when its cooldown comes up (also only hits one target - w is better for clearing minions, and gives a slow, and (if you're more skilled than me) can block a skillshot) Q is very hard to actually hit with, which is why I prioritise it last (if you run up to your foe, they're going to punish you for it, and you only get one, admittedly fairly strong, hit in). It would be a great improvement if Q gave you the movespeed bonus until you hit with it, rather than after hitting. Anyway, all this building of mana and other things leaves Yorick quite squishy, which makes him very hard to use considering his attacks have very short range (even his w and e are quite short range, maybe about 500 ish? not sure on the numbers, seems shorter than teemo's blinding dart though (which I believe is 600)). Also I use exhaust on him, which means I'm moderately useful in a teamfight since I can at least exhaust an enemy and make a 50% damage copy of our carry that dies super quick. Better than no one at all :[ tl ; dr - Yorick is better than people think, but he is still sub-par. My item and skill builds are probably bad.
  14. League of Legends

    My first game as Teemo, not too bad I think: Obviously carried a little by eve, but it's not like I was particularly feeding (though I did die far too often). I was going for a tanky DPS sort of build - I already had quite a lot of damage just with bloodrazor and teemo's e. I built the glacial shroud since I had finally noticed how fed tryndamere was (before then I had no problem blinding him and killing him finally with ignite), and I thought maybe some armour would be a good idea. TF got all 3 of those turret kills using his ult, which was very annoying (I tried not to let the lanes get pushed but there's only so much I can do!) I really like teemo :]
  15. League of Legends

    Since Irelia is free this week, I tried her again and (although I only played as her in one game) I honestly worry that she's still overpowered. Sure this is on EU where I'm level 7 or something, so my opponents are hardly highly experienced, however I did fairly badly in laning phase (rushed triforce, still took up until about 25 minutes), but as soon as I had triforce, I ripped into their squishies SO HARD (and even mordekaiser, but he was hardly tanky in that game). I expect irelia dies hard when you actually focus her, but later in game after you've built some tanky items, you're still absolutely ripping into squishies, as well as not dying too easily. And Annie (my not be free, but I just bought her on EU) - I personally thought she was very good even before her buff, and now that she scales well into late game also, I wonder if she isn't bordeline OP. On a different note, I played a little MF. Her damage is fairly decent, and she has an area slow, people say her ult is underwhelming, but I think it can be very effective if used well. She definitely is dwarfed by Corki and probably by Ashe also, but I think she works very well as an alternative choice. Can't say I have much experience with other ranged carries though (other than Sivir who is a bit hit-and-miss) Also the Lulzsec stuff is kind of lame - I get home at the end of the day and open up the LoL forums expecting to read 'X is OP please nerf' and '@Riot: omgwtfbbq', and instead all I see is 'OMG LULZSEC' 'LULZSEC TROLLS' etc. RUINED MY DAY (at first I wondered if Lulzsec was some high Elo player that I hadn't heard of yet, but apparently that was incorrect).