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  1. Nice, ragequitting from dofus after 100 nileza deaths. ;)
  2. Dont worry eith, i've been working on my Advanced afking. You are not alone.
  3. here's a picture of me, oh and my car.
  4. Why you creeping?

  5. I'm enjoying the character development. first two seasons had too much happening and too quick. This season reminds me more of the Last Airbender series.
  6. i can't believe they showed it on tv, i thought rape was illegal?
  7. can't wait for the next season. and now our watch begins.
  8. peace noen. i'll miss jesse ranting whenever he got a kolo against you. "damnit i hate noen and his gay healing bow"
  9. i'd say goodbye, but you know that's not my style. ;p
  10. yew kno nooothin' jon sneew.
  11. id let that girl do anything to me.
  12. Awesome episode Also. Danys scary as Fuck when she's mad. Still 10/10 would bang.
  13. if he's so rich why doesnt he have 46 crits to be 1/2 :<
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