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  1. What do you guys think that would be nice 4 man team for pvm after this update ? ._.
  2. I'm looking for Kideebonnet and nice pair of Sinistrofu boots ! Which would have close to perfect stats. I'm not sure about the prices of them these days but im sure we can make a good deal if u hit me up here or in game :) ig on Rosal Pitbully Thanks!
  3. awww :< well i been ok.. if you got something i can add you xD like skype or fb would be nice xD i miss talk to you. And how are you?

  4. well xD not playing anymore even wakfu . kinda quit every game atm. I will go to army in few months and i will be there for 1 year :S so i wouldnt have time to play at all in next year :D but how you been ? :)

  5. psst you didnt tell me your wakfu name yet XD

    i play it too!

  6. hehe ;D im all fine :P well have fun on dofus :P and keep up the same thing at the village zaap area :P

  7. Yes i miss you ;_; even commented with doomed ppl.. oh igot wakfu too O.O .. i played beta as well... now i didnt play it tho but still got it..but i not been playin much right now.. and been sick :< hope your ok

  8. Heyy ;DDD nah i dont play dofus anymore :S I'm playing wakfu these days and having fun there :DD nice to hear taht you are missing my insulting jokes hehe :PPP how have you been ? :D

  9. man where the hell you been O_O do you still play dofus? i kinda miss you lol

  10. not the only way to do it :D u can use normal spells . just move away from the glyph :P
  11. Sooo let me guess.. you must be enu-finland if i remember you right. x)

  12. hehe nice to hear and it wasnt luck ;) 6-1 ;) hehe would be nice to see u back even i dont play much anymore :DD

  13. heyy sexy swedish guy ;) even we beat u guys in ice-hockey hehe <3 would be neat to have u back on rosal :PPP

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