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  1. Hiiii, Clustus is struggling for English speakers, so I'm not sure how many of them will find themselves here, however, I've recently hit 100 jewelmagus and I've been touting the following services: Gelano Swap: I regularly mage Gelanos. I hold a stock of +vit and +int gelanos which I would be happy to swap with you for your normal gelano + kamas. An example: 100 Vit 1AP Gelano = 800kk in market. Your Gelano cost you 200-250kk. I would accept 575kk + Gelano for the 100 Vit maged one. Justification of pricing including my profit in the BEST circumstance: If you would prefer to chance your luck at exotic-maging, I would be happy to facilitate as below. Exotic Mage: Whilst the server is new and I cannot afford the inherent gambling that is exotic-maging, I'll let you try! The cost of my service will depend on the following: time taken level of item whether you succeed or fail I.e. if you try 200 MP runes on a Gelano and it takes 10 minutes and you fail them all, I'm not going to bust your balls for payment. if you try 20 AP runes on a Kringlove and it takes 3 hours because I have to keep fixing the item, fail or not, I'm gonna need a lil something something. I'm not unreasonable, if we discuss I'm sure we can come to an agreement. SO there we are. I hope to catch you all (someone, anyone?) in-game! Best, Whom (alts: Brexit, Breakfast, Hi) (Back in Shika, I was 'Softyy' 200 iop - if you're from Shika hit me up!)
  2. Hi guys, I've been playing Clustus for like 2 months now (having not played since Shika circa 2011?) and we have a built a decent community of non-French speaking players. We'd like to bolster those numbers, perhaps merge with any other smaller international guilds, in order to help everyone keep up with the French If you are interested and playing Clustus, you can get me in game on: Whom, Brexit, Breakfast, Hi Or reply below with your in-game name and I'll /w you in game! Best, Whom
  3. Hi guys, I returned to Dofus for retro 2 weeks ago and have had no issues whatsoever with the client loading etc. However, following the update which included Halloween Gobballs, I've recently been having issues loading the game and whilst in game. Some symptoms: Client not loading fully and freezing at 50% (before you log in) If the client loads, it does not appear as usual but with some source code displayed client side or says that there is 'No Server Address'. Occasionally in-game when I go to a new map, I receive the error 'Impossible to load map data', which has not fixed itself since yesterday and my enu is stranded unable to change map. In order to fix the issue, I've tried the following: Restart computer. Uninstall and reinstall both Dofus Retro and the Ankama Launcher. Tried to 'Repair' using the Launcher. Cleared Cache when I was in the game. This worked a couple of times yesterday but usually doesn't. Anyone have any idea? It seems to be a problem with the update they put out rather than on my end. I've had a few friends say they get stuck on the loading screen but not at 50%, some other point. Interested to see if this can be responded to by a member of Ankama staff? I would be happy to wait for a fix if they are aware of the issue. Thanks for reading.
  4. Yeah it's definitely embarrassing mainly due to the name, only the french could give a game such a ridiculous name!
  5. I've got this setup planned out for my iop, but I decided to go for 2 main elements (str/agi) rather than 3 weeker ones (including int). So for a 12/6 build you could use an overmaged vit PDB and and MP gelano, which is nice in group pvp where your vit won't be so much of an issue. For the belt you could get away with a Parkin Pan belt, for some haxxy resists while maining str/agi bonuses or just go with a Bherbal belt which might open up some new weapons for you like Godswrath dags? As for your choice of weapon, Giger is definitely more of a PVM weapon for me. If you were intent on keeping str/int/agi you could go with Peccary for some epic vit and obviously lots of % damages. However in my iops build, I tested the 12/6 set that I mentioned and Oracular hammer rolls around 900 on a crit, 3 rolls of 900 is nice by anybody's standards. I'd definitely consider getting a Battleflag amulet for certain fights where range is obviously not a key factor. 400 extra initiative will probably push you past 3.5k init and 350 vit will push you over 4k vit. Anyway nice build, a lot to be had out of fuji set combinations I hope :)
  6. I'm gonna send you some like love heart chocolates or something <33333
  7. For you, Iops... What a load of shit! I finally thought we were receiving the buff we so desperately need, but no. Instead we get ACTION FIGURES, brilliant!
  8. Biggest waste of money, I bet your alts aren't all fully scrolled so you could've been leveling their useful spells/skills instead of all those pointless weapon skills ;) Well done anyway, I guess.
  9. Softy

    Best Hits!

    I meant alone in 1v1 pvp, for an iop. :D
  10. don't bother with single element nowadays, grab yourself a CB set and go agi/int. I'm a strength iop, fully scrolled and all points in strength, but with a friend's CB set on I roll more than you did with strenghstorm brokled and around 500-600 with celest. The set has like 300% damage with a crim and %dmg pet, which means I still roll 350 ish with SoI, resulting in a perfectially viable 12/6 (with ap mage) agi/int/str set. I wouldn't recommend using it 24/7, but its a nice change from pure str. It would be a perfect int/agi set with the appropriate distribution of characterstic points into agi/int, or even vit. :) edit: lol.
  11. When I'm feeling depressed that I can't land any mages, I come here and cry. :(
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