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  1. Would anyone please be able to explain how the hell the new Xelor's work? In the past I've built Wisdom/Chance Wisdom/Agility and on my Oto Mustam account I've gone with Wisdom/Agility. I want to use it for agility damage and primarily to take AP from greedoblops. I've tried to understand what the hell is going on but just simply dont. They've removed the devotion spell? These are the current stats I've got: 100 Agility 80 Wisdom Spells: Level 5 Shriveling Level 5 Frostbite Level 5 Homing Hand I have no idea what else to level, would you please be able to advise?
  2. Hi all, I've not played Dofus in about a year, I've decided to start again on the Oto Mustam heroic server. I'm looking for some advice on what builds to make my characters and what spells to level and if my 5 characters are a good combination - any advice is appreciated. I imagine that the meta has somewhat shifted from when I played a few years ago. My Characters Level 30 Sacrier x2 Exp to level 125 Level 30 Eniripsa x2 Exp to level 110 Level 30 Xelor x2 Exp to level 120 Level 30 Osamodas x2 Exp to level 115 Level 30 Cra x2 exp to level 100 Initially before I quit the game I had the following builds on each character; Sacrier Chance Eniripsa Intelligence/Heals Xelor Wisdom/Agility Osamodas Intelligence Cra Strength Would you say that these are the best builds to go with? Or is there a better alternative? Should I ditch one of the characters and replace it with another better class? I'm honestly pretty clueless at the moment, and quite a bit has changed - So any advice would be most appreciated, especially in terms of what spells to level up on the Osamodas as there are so many options there. Cheers for reading and any responses are appreciated! Edit: Oh also would someone be able to explain to me the changes to professions - I was 80 odd tailor/shoemaker/jeweller and I used the gem things in the inventory and now I'm 150 odd in each?
  3. So I just logged in to Dofus after not playing for like over 2 years and I'd appreciate some helpful advice :) I'm gunna split this in to 2 sections, firstly the items value on my Shika account and the bank value - these have value estimations by the game however from personal experience on other games these values are likely to be wrong, I would appreciate a general value of what it has if anyone is able to do that, and confirmation as to how accurate the bank value is likely to be.. So here is the account and its equipment; http://i.imgur.com/hAmXi6Y.png Kind of long posting all the stats so if anyone could give me like an average price? The orange dofus is +60 wisdom, the green one is +23 prospecting the colorful cloak is the Ragoat from the rest of the set It also has an emerald and ginger mount - level 100. In the inventory is a minimotot which the game values at nearly 2m, and also a vampyre set which the game values at like 1.5m per piece - is this accurate? The bank the game is valuing at 45 million kamas, which sounds unrealistic so hence my doubting it.. It has Harry Boots in the bank and then the rest of the value is coming from the resources tab and it has varying resources from all over the game just standard things So the second section - Oto Mustam the Heroic Server. So basically my plan for Dofus is to play the heroic server, I have a bunch of accounts that I just member'd up using ogrines namely; a 91 intelligence osamodas, a 82 sacrier, a 74 eniripsa, a 40 cra, and a 15 xelor, however all of these accounts have died at 120+ and so have double exp until that level - I think that is how it works, right? My question is how has the heroic server changed in the past 2 years? Is there anything I should be prepared for? Last time I was playing everywhere was aligned and if you stepped out into aligned zones you could be attacked and killed by aligned players, is this still the case? What could I do on these accounts? the eni, sac and osa sound like a pretty good team from what I can tell, what would I be able to do on them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks - kurt
  4. Dude, remember the good times on Oto back in the day? Those were the times man :)

    1. KurtJ


      Shit man, I just logged on Oto haha no idea what I'm doing..

    2. Faruz-Lyte


      Haha that's how I feel. I don't think I'll seriously play Dofus again, but the experience of playing the game has really shaped me as a person.

  5. I also did it, somehow :D
  6. Lets do this shit, a bit of fun! everyone add everyone and lets just fill a team and trololo. i'm ShiQQle
  7. Someone let me join a 5 v 5 ranked team on EUW, thaaaanks
  8. Shiqqle on NA, I can play anything but i've been told my ADC is good, just like uhh tell me what times you want to play 'cause i play eu mainly so i'm not often logged on
  9. Leveling 2 EUW Smurfs at the moment, solo games are ridiculously boring so if there's any euw players that want to play add me on Murmurous (25) and Shiggle (19)
  10. My best advice would be don't play Garen, although I guess in low level games you can get away with it, just build as a tank with some ad.
  11. Put you both on the lists, i'll log on later and add/invite.. Don't worry Scorp, i'm only 1600 and probably play like i'm lower :) and the max you can join is 5 nipples
  12. Yo, I'm missing the whole ranked team shit seeing as people I used to play with no longer play or not as much, anyways.. I've made two Imps Village ranked teams, one for North America and one for EU West, they're under the team name Imps Village [imps V] so i'm hoping some of you guys are interested in joining, as a bit of fun, hopefully we can get enough people to join to have a ranked game every couple of days or so? So reply below with which region you'd like to join and what roles you mainly play and we can get a little team on the go, equal opportunity here, not looking for 1600+ players just casual impers, obviously no shit like tiamats guys, we'd play to win but we'd have fun doing so hopefully making the Imps Village LoL community stronger as I know we all have our differing opinions etc. North America - Imps Village [imps V] Shiqqle NippsTheClown iCim EU West - Imps Village [imps V] Shigglemetimbers Scorpionxelot Feel free to add me in-game on the users above, I am able in all roles to a certain level but I main AD carry, so yeah leave a comment here if you're interested with what you play, what times you're usually available and when and lets see if we can start something. :)
  13. Anyone up for making a little IV ranked team for fun?
  14. Guessing not as I factory reset it so there's nothing on it at all at the moment and the internet isn't working on it either so I can't ugh.. Guess i'll fix the internet and then do that
  15. Basically my computer hadn't been turned on for like 2 months and it was running slow as shit so I just factory restored it and now i'm unable to find my second monitor, it's all plugged in and everything.. I had a new graphics card installed in order to run the second monitor and I don't think that the graphics card is being picked up by the computer now? I don't know.. Any ideas?
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